The Quell

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  1. Don’t know why but when I see the word portal I smell new lands with xmas promo? Unlikely but a man can hope
  2. Still no drops from goth that we finished at 4pm ish eastern standard time
  3. I got mine like an hour ago. Think it’s slowly dispersing the owed items.
  4. Got 300m thx
  5. Will Gold Bars eventually be rewarded like the silver bars?
  6. Waiting for Platinum bars
  7. Diamond bars will be 3 quad a piece the rate this is going 
  8. Set looks amazing already finished it love it
  9. I would post this on your wall Castor, however a get an error message anytime I tried to load the wall page. Please look into and fix the problems currently stopping people from using KaW. Game is close to unplayable at the moment.
  10. Diamond Bars would be 3 Quintillion
    Platinum Bars would be 3 Quadrillion
  11. KaWmmunity,

    So the Devs have decided to raise tier level with top level being 46K event items for rewards, got it. I can understand the reasoning. But what I do not understand is why the equipment has stayed relatively the same as well as the meager amount of aqua/inferno. I propose that the reward levels should increase with the increased event items requirements.

    Secondly how many of you have an over abundance of inferno or aqua? This guy. So another suggestion I propose is to allow users to choose whether they would like inferno or aqua rather than just unthoughtfully giving the same over and over.

    Lastly, who has ever had to go so far as to purchase aqua/inferno? Well let’s see, there is a option to buy 10,20,30,40 and 50. However max you can buy is 30?! Does that make any sense?! How bout we up the limit to 50 per day like the selection option. Or remove it all together as that unachievable option laughs in my face every time I attempt to select it.

    Please support this thread.. I’m looking out for us all.

  12. Anyone got the list of ebs/drops needed for the side legend?
  13. My legend counter keeps resetting on me. To attack an eb 500 times it seems to be resetting once eb is over. Was that the intent?
  14. I believe so panic. I was confused as well, but when I went back and read it again, it’s “In any epic battle”. Singular. They want us to xtal the ebs to death 
  15. That being said, i do like this side legend style more than eb specific. Easier for people to complete when when half your clan isn’t looking for T2 ebs that you can complete in 4hits.
  16. I can garuntee this was not supposed to happen. I have 51/500 for attack and 71/500 for Assass. Has not reset in 8ebs
  17. Rewards have increased, just not with the equipment specifically. I have some more changes coming in the next event which I hope are well received. Thank you for the feedback though! As for the Aqua/Inferno, we do occasionally have "Choice" legends where players can choose one or the other, but the way the system is set up for the main quests, I can't offer choices.
  18. It shouldn't be resetting. If it continues to reset, please write a support ticket.
  19. power of equipment goes up every promo consistently. Equipment stats have been going up steady for over a year. Abundances of and enchant materials will evaporate when people upgrade the vast amount of equipment we are given.