The Problem With Player Mods

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  1. Also we have full confidence in our moderators and mod team and we are in contact with them every single day. They ask us questions about silences and policies and we discuss issues that come up every day.

    We also have people internally constantly monitoring feedback and world chat (when we're awake). We update our policies and review them together with the community team, product design team and engineers. We have monthly reviews and ad hoc reviews if we need them.

    It's not perfect, but it's what you have.

    We're also humans. We like to make fun games, and this game has been around a long time and we are always looking to improve it, and that includes mod program, community engagement and customer experience.

    The thing that stands out the most to me in the this thread is the lack of acknowledgement that you, the players, are also part of this system. The mods have to put up with a lot of BS from people just looking to make trouble.

    So when you see a mod being active and trying to make things better, remember also they do this for people who are thanklessly insulting them and constantly questioning their integrity or farming them for trying to do the right thing. And yet they persist and continue to try and make this little community a little better for all of you.

    Even this thread, veiled as an open discussion is titled 'The Problem With Player Mods'.

    Do they get it wrong sometimes? Yes.
    Do they have inherent human biases? Absolutely, we all do.
    Do they do their best and try to do a good job despite that? You bet your butt they do.
    And they do it with little thanks and no reward.

    So, while I gladly read this thread in good faith, and look for the signal in the noise, I ask you to maybe take a second to thank a mod, or mention something good that they do, because it’s not all bad, in fact I think it’s pretty good.
  2. The points you made earlier are practically contradictory to a large degree.

    You state that mods are there to give advice and support, and not attack. Yet you would defend open hostility to a specific player, and lets face it I'm not exactly popular amongst the current moderators...

    Yet when I am openly hostile to a mod, via MY opinion, they feel the need to silence or forum ban me with little/no justification.
  3. You only say this becuase yall are to broke to pay real moderators. Maybe if you would listen to your players you wouldnt be dead broke like yall are. This game is falling apart and its your own downfall. Devs
  4. Well they have to pay for support members to actually work and take their time away for Ata, to keep the servers running the best they can, the new features comes along the way, give them a break at least cause they are trying to
    Satisfy everyone's needs lol.

    The current moderators from smash, pimd and kaw are huge within our ranks so the players that takes their time to moderate that's our decision.

    The developers have been listening and taking
    The players Feedbacks, the player ideas are great so the developers can in take for them and run them if they are suited for kaw.

    Any feedback is great tbh.
  5. The majority of things introduced by the developers have had a player to player interaction involved. How can you say that they've ruined this game, when that has been their focus the entire time?

    Look at moderators for example. You have players interacting with the community and the creators of this game. That's amazing! How can you say this is a terrible thing?

    More player to player interaction: Introduction of p2p ebs. Rather than people buying nobility and converting them into gold, you now have a way to spread a greater amount of wealth to your friends. Damn, the developers did this, but I thought they were ravenous about money?

    Oh wait! They created things like clans and private chat (all player suggested features). How dare they create features that benefit the community!!
  6. All in all at the end of the day, when we are already to get some sleep realize that mods are not here to upset, anger, or offset your game with a negative experience. The scope of our duties are to ensure a fun filled time while tapping away, or talking with friends.

    We want what you want... a pleasant fun atmosphere where your time is spent, by this we take actions against those that do otherwise that don't follow the tou, to make sure we have a positive environment to grow on.

    With that said I'll hope that all that read do understand we mods are in this game together with you, the players and the community.

    Son it took me more then just a while to read this thread it was pretty long, but after reading it I found you wanted to say we normal players suck at being a mod, nope no support at all. We normal players are better moderators for each other, and our current moderators are doing there job appreciatidely well. So would give 5 stars to the length of thread and a big 0 to the content.
    Enjoy Game :) !!

    With Regards : Dady
  8. Nah I'm perfect.

  9. Ehhh, probably.

  10. Actually your wrong again pipe, definitely a woman just saying ;) not into rp though
  11. Don't think so, Pipe.
  12. @-pipe

    I doubt you were targeted, mods don't target players, but at any time for all players, if anyone feels an unjustified action was taken upon them from a moderator all that player has to do is email and request the action be looked at and if it's warranted.

    If more players did such they would see mods don't have grudges or target players and see we are abiding from ata has requested us moderators to do according to the TOU.

  13. This damage control.

    How many mods do you need to cover Moody's butt?

    More importantly, an admin?

    This initially was such a tiny thing you could brush off.

    But with all this involvement from the mod/admin team siding with Moody... I feel there are other "powers in play".

    Such as backing up a colleague who is gettin' pooped on.

    Anyway, I recall reading somewhere that Mark said mods are treated poorly, attacked in-game and possibly verbally and so on. So stress plays a key factor with their responses sometimes.

    Mods are supposed to be role models for the rest of us, they stand for what's right and when a moderator stoops as low as insulting someone's thread for their own personal enjoyment or relief OR WHATEVER

    It ain't right.

    A moderator would have expected this treatment early on and learned to cope therefore I don't think stress can be used as an "excuse".

    I would continue going over points several other moderators made however I feel this post already extends beyond my interest.
  14. So....You want robots to moderate the community? Then make a thread saying "the robots are false"? K.
  15. There can only be one... I can just imagine Moo-moo rocking it.

  16. You are misinformed. He was not hacked. He had enough with dev garbage and exposed it. And then devs made a scapegoat out of another player.
  17. If you have such evidence please send it to support. They already had the info they needed but could probably use more.
  18. Grow up Spock.
  19. Hmmm. Not sure why you are saying that. Spock simply gave someone directions on how to report an issue. Did he show any sign of immaturity?
  20. No but he's showing signs of jelly
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