The problem with Kaw

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  1. Totally support this idea mid! I was so confused when I first started playing kaw. Had it not been for a nice woman who was patient enough to show me the ropes, I would have deleted this game within a week. I think all new players need a mentor to guide them.
  2. @Midget,

    The problems go beyond that bud. The retention rate of the new comers are really bad. Most of the players that stay beyond a day or two in the game - quit within a week. Or semi - active in the long run.

    I have spoken with a few new comers and few of the admins/owners in the clans setup to run pig/squid ebs. They are struggling hard to retain the new players.

    The reason they are providing:
    1. The stat difference is huge.
    2. No rewards for completing a set targets and hence no impetus for them to grow fast
    3. Better alternate games
    4. No carrot & stick approach - which is widely prevalent in games of such nature
    5. They understand early on that the game is all about spending $

    For ppl who do put a lot of effort to train the newbies, the overwhelming response from them to the question of what made you stick around the game when the new ones are not doing it these days -
    Good mentoring & the crowd that were there to hang out with

    Sorry to say that, majority of the old school gamers have left the game. Only a very few have stuck around.

    Do you know, including alts & main, less than 8500 ppl login daily to play this game??

    There lies the problem. No player base, ergo - No new player retention.
  3. I believe 90% of KaW started out like this^ and it is sad. There has to be an easier way for beginners
  4. Very well said Midget

  5. Eh I didn't read the whole thing but it's time they moved on and lowered dependency on this game and made new, more modern platforms so that when this game dies, they'll still have income coming in.
  6. 2yr badge n nearly 11k posts.
    Dang what will u do then? 
  7. They already have with smash and the new mmorpg they gave a miniscule preview of. The writing is on the wall for kaw.
  8. Dev spy ! Get him !
  9. SUPPORT, new players get a message from AtA to "join a clan to grow faster", then wash their hands and put the burden of educating newbs to clan admins. Sometimes people get tired of helping newbs and grow indifferent to the game .
  10. Thanks Midget for this post, it inspired me to write my comprehensive guide to kaw (aimed at newbs) which can be found here.
  11. Great points made by Midget-Lover. I think it would be really helpful if new players were each assigned to a highly active player when they join the game. These highly active players would then be able to guide and introduce them to the game.
  12. Midget-Lover____ is my alt :lol:
  13. Support!

    I think a better tutorial is a must but if devs cannot implement a better one then give a link to newbie guides instead. There's more problems in here still, but I think the first part should be fixed and go on the bigger problem of the game if devs can't fix it immediately.
  14. Mid. Well done. We all know that new players need help. It can only help the game. Total support !
  15. This is brilliant on your part Midget, thanks for your dedication mate.
  16. I agree. New players have so much to learn its overload and they quit. New accounts need to start with HL locked and LL open and enough tokens to BC, once bc unlock hl. Give all new accounts 100% llbc AND take max plunder out of the equation, this may be extreme but what if no one needed an ally for max plunder? Thats probably too far, but at least not let new accounts worry about max plunder.

    I know as a new player, understanding the full extent of allies is too overwhelming and reaching max plunder and maintaining it is hard if not totally impossible with how insignificant anything under 10b is, and cannot be kept long enough to unload on an eb.

    Not needing a volley to grow, and not saving some of that gold to buy an ally, will give this game what it needs. No player needing a 900b upgrade or 1t land is going to waste time volleying someone from 10k to 10b especially when its just 2 people doing it.
  17. Out with the grammar police!

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    If something is not uncommon that means it is common, doesn't it? Replaces "not uncommon" with "quite common".