The Problem With Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

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  1. Hello, everyone, if you are sane, you are probably reading the title of this thread and are currently thinking: "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS NOOB? BORDERLANDS IS AWSOME!!!!!" I'll admit, those were my initial thoughts as well, after I came up with the idea for this thread :D However, there is unfortunately something terribly wrong with this game, which I have been highly anticipating since it was first announced. It doesn't involve gameplay, (sort of) graphics, audio, or whatever you would normally expect there to be a problem with. Rather, the problem is with the characters themselves. Now, all of the playable characters look incredibly cool and obviously BADASS, yet I predict that the vast majority of players will throughout their entire Pre Sequel experience play only one character: Claptrap. The reasoning behind this statement, is that:
    1. He appears in every Borderlands game.
    2. He has the most hilarious dialogue, and a great (actually annoying) personality to support it.
    3. He is probably one of the most iconic symbols of the entire franchise.
    Now, on to the actual problem itself. This is a problem, because you'll be playing this game, you'll join your three buddies in multiplayer, and then they'll annoy the living **** out of you with their combined character dialogue, because they're all playing as Claptrap! (Though at most points in the game this probably will be more amusing then aggravating :D)
    Well, that's my theory behind this. Tell me what you think about it, and take comfort in the fact that this game is fast approaching! Thanks for reading, TURD :p :lol: :p :lol: :p
  2. I have a full friends list on PS3. I play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Literally only 7 out of 53 players on my friends list that also play borderlands with me, play as claptrap. So this thread is purely opinion based, in no way factual. No problem whatsoever. Good try though. 
  3. It is opinioned based. To be honest, this wasn't a serious thread, but the thought of everyone wanting to play as Claptrap popped into my head 10 minutes ago, and I just thought it would be fun to write about :)
    Oh, and you're right, it isn't a problem, just a little joke that I made :)
  4. I have yet to see a group have 3 or 4 claptraps in a party of 4(i haven't even seen 2 in a game). Claptrap is not even that good unless he is in a party of 3 or 4 because he only aids the group
  5. If anything I see more Athena's on Xbox than claptraps. Most casual players might pick him, but in a group you only need 1 of him for a raid, if that.
  6. Hey arch devil claptrap is the **** he's my favorite character. The rubber ducky active skill cannot be topped by any other. (Except all of his other active skills lol, I really hate rubber duck)
  7. I choice Wilhelm my first play through. After trying the other characters I came to the conclusion that Nisha is the best one. She has so much firepower it's insane.
  8. Have you completed true vault hunter mode?
  9. Funny thing is it seems to be the exact opposite that's happened and there seems to be a lack of people playing as claptrap.

    kinda disappointed with what you done with this thread as there is plenty that is wrong with the game that you could of went over.
  10. Clap trap is annoying...
    The presequal is good but not as good as bl2.
  11. Borderlands? They coming out next to the Highlands? 
  12. Claptrap is a dumbass ill only play as claptrap so I can die over and over with the only goal of killing claptrap.
  13. Claptrap has a train skin.

    Trains are awesome, especially when they have guns.

    Dont mess with claptrap