The Prisoner of the Nekhmet

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Talk to ATA Support they are very helpful in making you take a vacation or stop putting money in the game... I am done... they can’t fix their stuff
  2. I love how they respons to positive comments but not genuine, but negative ones
  3. Not counted as complete, so what to do about it?
    You should just give us all Rewards as you messed up
    I expect you to answer this.
    Im stuck at crushing but done em all and probably diabolical more than 10 times
  4. They're really not addressing that problem? Geez...
  5. We comp'd players who had completed the first 2 levels of the legend series (Neferkhut + Neferkhut 2 hrs) within the 2 hour period where they weren't paying out. If you tried to complete a legend before you had that legend, it wouldn't complete and you'd have to do the EB again.

    In your particular case, you haven't completed the necessary legends to advance, even if there weren't any issues.
  6. Lmaooooo still ignoring everyone
  7. Love the diabolical eb this time around. The ‘ambush’ style bars give everyone plenty of hits on a premium eb. Payout and drop rate finally where it should be too. Nice work!