The Prisoner of the Nekhmet

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  1. Thanks for the reply winston, that follows a solid logical train of thought if what you say is true. i haven’t ran the higher tiers only crushing which definitely isnt worth the cost of opening.
  2. Instead it would have been preferable to a large segment of kaw had diabolical level been modeled on the old diabolical ebs where 180 nobs gives you an eb that pays similarly to zta but lasts 6-8 hours.
  3. So... 1/12 to 1/4 cost of NK.

    Sound like that cost in order, Neferkhut the Onslaught, regular to Diabolical
    1/12, cost 50 nobs
    1/10, 60
    1/8, 75
    1/6, 100
    1/4, 150

    Can I have a confirmation above? Thank you.
  4. It would be helpful to know the number of side legends ( and the rewards ) that are attached to each tier so that clans can plan and achieve them in an orderly, efficient manner...I saw in WC that there are 10 side legends associated with this correct?

  5. Wait so that means if anyone doing Diabolical will unlock the lower legends? We already run 3 and I am still stuck on Fiendesh Legend
  6. Promo on Easter or riot
  8. I Predict A Riot, I predict a riot, I predict a riot, I predict a riot, and if there’s anybody left in here, that doesn’t wanna be out there ...Ah ...watching the people get Lairy, it’s not very pretty I tell thee , walking through town is quite scary, it’s not very sensible, La la la la la , Ah la la la la la la .....I predict a riot ..
  9. Fix your sidelegend pls. Doing Diabolical but still at "finish" in under 2 hours, ty
  10. Hey devs, maybe im going crazy but theres no plunder difference in the eb teirs just went from crushing too fiendish without any change.
  11. Rewards for new eb are rubbish,plus you could say how many items it takes 2 open
  12. (—-__ —). let me imagine a better world
  14. They're definitely different
  15. So u need to do 2 times each tear for side event.... Em really expensive huh
  16. So u need to do 2 times for each tear? Em... Really expensive huh
  17. Are you going to fix the weapon stats or are they deliberately crappy? Right now they are significantly lower than the ring.
  18. The rings have a stronger stat increase over time so this is intentional for the time being! The weapon stats are improvements upon previous events though
  19. Money sucker... don't do it. I'LL PROBABLY be punished by devs for saying that... which suxs even worse. I'm about to stop Kaw and just let it go completely and focus on other things in life after 7 years of playing.
  20. The eb is fine for people willing to waste money for it. Their money their choice

    Don’t wanna spend the money don’t do it, simple really

    Personally I detest this premium eb idea but meh it doesn’t effect me for the time being so it’s whatevs