The Prisoner of the Nekhmet

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  1.  support
  2. I’d actually be surprised if ATA’s stuff worked. Usual format on content release from ATA is (1) minimal QC, (2) hasty release, (3) content breaks, (4) ATA has to fix, (5) compensation sux
  3. What does the River's scroll do?
  4. Guess it was for the plunderbonus, if we reach world items aim, but we failed at 525m and we dont know what would ve been behind
  5. I love the part where u have to pay for every single part of the new stuff
  6. ATA turning more and more into pay to play.
  7. So new eb does drop fatesands shards, diabolical pays almost as much per hit as NK, and the end bonus is much better
  8. Nk still master race
  9. This is going fr bad to worse. First no rewards from the new ebs
    Then the legends not registering
    Now going in circles. Complete first eb, then first then second then first then second then first OMG!

    Just credit back all the nobs and start again!
  10. In addition to supporting all the comments regarding delayed drops screwing up the legends plus the fact that you need to do all the ebs and collect those legends in a particular order you should look at the equipment stats. The ring has significantly more cs than the weapon which is not how the equip usually works.
  11. The rewards were stuck getting sent out which caused the EB to not "complete". We've fixed this issue and they now complete properly, apologies for the issue.

    I have noted down relevant legend feedback - namely that higher tiers should also count to complete lower tier legends.
  12. Tried to make this a pretty well paying yet fast EB
  13. So people would have to pay more to run more? Why not pay well and not go by fast i think thatd be preffered. NK and HTE are already short why not actually reward us with something that can last longer than 30 minutes.
  14. On iOS if I click clan roster, the app crashes.
  15. THIS
  16. Is this EB dropping fatesands or no?
  17. Support 150%
  18. Don't you love how ATA refused to acknowledge all the bad that people are talking about? That they replied to the only "positive" comment on this post. Just fix your broken and pay to play game and actually do something the people want instead of screwing KaWmunnity over. You could at least have given us a little something that would actually benefit us. You're a greedy company who care nothing about the people who actually enjoy playing the only game that you have that hasn't failed. You're gonna make this game tank just like the rest of them if you don't start caring about what you're making and who is playing your game. Long story short. You plain and simple, need to give a crap.
  19. yes
  20. The EB is 1/12 to 1/4 of the cost of NK and the 5th tier lasts approximately half as long, so players would be spending less money.