The potential for the clan purchase market

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  1. With all this talk about clans, rank purchases and so forth. I want to speculate a potenital market that could arise from the update that is soon to release.

    The focus being the potential for the clan purchase market.

    Clans are now going to increase in value greatly, granted you have several ranks bought and since these ranks aren't "cheap"... You can't simply disband right?
    It's not just 25Bil you're throwing away, at least not anymore.
    The clan purchase market could grow quite vast and people could make some pretty serious coin from selling at slightly higher prices than the clan is worth only catch is the consumer is paying for time. Meaning that the purchaser is receiving ranks and eb unlocks immediately instead of having to grind...

    Okay. Well what's the currency of this clan market you speak of?
    A seal or 10 depending on where the clan is rank-wise, maybe more if they have good eb unlocks.

    Osf open etc.

    Think about it.
    Provide an opinion or don't.

    Tin foil hats, yall ;)
  2. Hmm I like the idea
  3. Interesting idea. I like it
  4. Support
  5. Hit the noob who quotes enture forum posts.. also support! Sound like it woild be interesting.
  6. Interesting idea. Maybe there could be set prices depending on how many clan positions have been purchased and how many ebs have been unlocked?
  7. No support