the pet idea continues

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  1. Is that why you keep following me trying to talk me out of your newsfeed?
  2. Keep on doing what you want don't care
  3. sluards should get a nic cage cat as a pet. Gives 1T + stats
    But support
  4. I honestly couldn't give a damn if you care. If you dont care then why keep trying to follow?
  5. Big fingers little phone. Need another explanation Mr. Butthurt?
  6. Umm the attack button isnt close to the follow button. Your excuses for things are transparrent and almost as lame as you are.
  7. Way to derail your own thread.
  8. im going to say op... youre an idiot
  9. Haha I know right I'm just having fun that's all I don't do butthurt people like him
  10. Ok guy its your lie tell it how you want. Only one who should be butthurt is your parents for having an idiot.

  11. [​IMG]

    Let me be the first one? Thanks.

    Idiot 
  12. Let me be the first to say enjoy your gold and allies while you have them.
  13. Lmfao, and I am love this idea as I love most ideas. It doesn't effect the game negatively so why not? People who say no support tend to want KaW to be how they want it to be in their head. If you want KaW to last forever, you need more players. More players requires new things introduced to KaW that change the game a bit.

    I support your idea :mrgreen: there are just more needed things to be input and fixed before this is put into the game though.
  14. You are going to tussle him now, not for the PvP aspect of KaW but just because he proved you wrong?
  15. Statless alts dont have a vote now either find a main or get lost
  16. spragga pet…
  17. Also taking an existing game and incorporating it into kaw is not a way to improve. Its a way for ata to get shut down. He can pretend like its an original idea doesnt change the fact it isnt

  18. You sir are a genius!
  19. Because I have reset my main and quit KaW about a year ago, my stats must be as big as yours for my opinion to be counted?

    Pffft you are one foolish person. If my stats needed to be big I have enough money to buy enough seals to HLBC in a week or less.
  20. Taking what game? You mean thousands of games were you can have pets to assist your player or account? You mustn't be that stupid to that think adding pets would ATA shut down. :lol: