The Perfect Hidden Tank

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  1. :shock:
  2. Eclipse with a difference of 29,790.

    Closest Difference In Attack to Defense Stats Leaderboard
    1. -_U-Wish_U-Were_Cool_- - 219
    2. iiillllShadow_Dancerllliil - 22,911
    3. Eclipse - 29,790
    4. xFx_ATOM_xFx - 86,497
  3. iiillllShadow_Dancerllliil with a difference of 10! Wow!

    Closest Difference In Attack to Defense Stats Leaderboard
    1. iiillllShadow_Dancerllliil - 10
    2. -_U-Wish_U-Were_Cool_- - 219
    3. Eclipse - 29,790
    4. xFx_ATOM_xFx - 86,497
  4. All the builds posted here thus far would be very successful in individual wars. However, as you said, experienced clans would see the difference in attack and defense, which stresses the success that a Perfect Hidden Tank build would have.
  5. I am surprised at how close some of those are.
  6. These dont have to be viable builds, just a fun little game to play. Much better than recent forum posts.
  7. Why'd you cut out the static defense part?
  8. ^^ nice try
  9. My calculator app doesn't show it on the same screen, static troop = 2.7mil and static spy = 6.2mil
  10. idk froggy I'm partial to my high attack build. Makes it nice to plunder people and my cs doesn't seem too small
  11. Unforutantely, that build has a total of 38,635,479 combined stats, and because there is only 2.7 mil in ADT, it does not reach the requirement for ADT being at least 10% of combined stats.

  12. Same static defence, I can also remove sdt to reduce stats further
  13. Hidden tanks are stupid. Ur att def stats r really only what matter so a 15 and 15 att build with say 5 m hidden adt is no diff than a 10 15 m att build with 5 m adt. When u try to tank and are 50 % then u are really low in att def and just leak. So noobs say but i got hidden adt are still more weak than a balanced build with adt sticking out esp when tanking
  14. where is your adt?
  15. Matezly3 takes the lead with a difference of 3


    Closest Difference In Attack to Defense Stats Leaderboard
    1. Matezly3 - 3
    2. iiillllShadow_Dancerllliil - 10
    3. -_U-Wish_U-Were_Cool_- - 219
    4. Eclipse - 29,790
    5. xFx_ATOM_xFx - 86,497
  16. However, there is a difference. People take unnecessary risks when they see even and close to even stats, especially in individual wars, as typically it represents a build with no ADT. They take a couple extra hits which they knew they should not have. If you had the option to skim a only defensive building build (without ADT), or to skim a build with even stats (with ADT), you'll choose the even build. It's the perception of the build that makes it successful.
  17. Great research. Good effort for thread. I do think most people can tell when adt is hidden. Plus scouts on droid let's you see the whole build.
  18. Exactly. Love seeing people fail miserably mid war on our tanks with hidden ADT. Would an entire roster of them get destroyed by high defense tanks? Probably, but they have their place and serve their purpose well.
  19. In EE if you fight against veteran clans like BG,DOTB, Phalanx Dragons Sanc etc.... Its easy to see your hidden ADT.