The Origins of time (2)

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  1. At least some ppl are not fail trollers.
  2. I'm not trolling...
  3. Literally this is the worst story in FF, it made me laugh, but I was laughing that some one could be stupid enough to write this. As I was reading I was thinking only an idiot could think this would be even remotely acceptable. Just stop writing for the sake of everyone here.
  4. Wow this is 
  5. WHOA WHOA WHOA! THIS IS NOT THE WORST STORY. I'VE SEEN MUCH WORSE. Don't be so hard on her. Yes, she needs constructive criticism. No, you don't have to be SO harsh that it destroys her self confidence and causes her to commit suicide or worse.
  6. There are worse things than suicide?

    Do tell, sir.
  7. I don't plan on derailing.
  8. the story itself wasn't even funny. ignoring the structure and layout of the story itself.

    it wasn't well thought out or clever.

    it was a stupid garbage story.


    I call it like I see it. and this story was crap
  9. ↑ fail troller
  10. @d_bo_assassin

    You've critisized other stories aswell.
  11. that's because they suck too? whys that hard to understand?
  12. To you, all stories are equivilent to a pile of garbage.
  13. It doesn't what any of those trolls thought, I thought it was good and funny like an Easter bunny!
  14. two crappy wannabe writers supporting each other. how cute
  15. ↑Some critisizer who is a total ******
  16. that's an awfully pretty vertical arrow you have there. it must make you feel strong. like bull.
  17. No more trollers on this thread!
  18. Terrible story