The Origins of time (2)

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  1. Our Creator looked upon Earth and thought: 'Life shall become reality soon...'. He built three kingdoms, one green, one red and one blue. Nowadays, we know that the kingdoms were the first Monarch, Conqueror and Defender kingdoms. He blessed all three kingdoms and hoped they would be peaceful.
  2. But our Creator was wrong! All the kingdoms worshipped "A Thinking Ape" instead of their actual Creator! He was angry and made them attack, aassasinate, scout and steal from each other. Soon the kingdoms multiplied into thousands. They created groups called clans, which had massive wars against each other. Our Creator was happy. The kingdoms deserved it.
  3. Soon, he created enemies for the clans to battle, we now know these battles are called epic battles. The Creator invented Milthril and Spells, so kingdoms could increase their power. He then said: "Kingdoms, buy each other and be allies", and so they did. The Creator had finished Earth.
  4. The story above is found at many War Cathedrals. A Thinking Ape did make KaW, not this 'Creator'.
  5. lol this is so bad, I don't know why you bothered to waste your time and repost this.
  6. This sucks, no other way to describe it. What were you thinking when you wasted space posting this? Just try and be better than  when you post, because this wasn't.
  7. This is not your best. This is dissappointing.
  9. oh we're laughing. but not for the reason you had hoped or intended.

    the story SUCKED the white off rice.
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  11. The whole story is a joke
  12. Tell me why its rubbish
  13. How dare you people fail-troll such an innocent young pup!

    I liked it ^_^....mostly because of your name. Name twins! (well...irl lol)
  14. @firerock

    nobody is fail trolling here. any reasonably sane and competent person understands this story is garbage
  15. Well exactly what story are you comparing it to? It's not like she's trying to **** get it published! It's a cute little tale, and calling it garbage is way out of line.

    Last time I checked, I am both sane and competent. How about you >_>
  16. Thanks for the feedback!
  17. It could be better... longer... more detail... I didn't think it was funny...