The Ordeal of Hyndemara and Viskard

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  1. The Ordeal of Hyndemara and Viskard

    Following your successful mission on the high seas, you have returned to face the third ordeal of the Endecatheon! The next challenge comes from Hyndemara, goddess of the sky, and from Viskard, god of magic.

    On distant misty cliffs stands a long-forgotten archive: the Pansophian Library, where the most precious tomes and arcane secrets have been kept for generations. Now you must prove yourself worthy, both in mind and in body, to enter the sacred library and uncover a trove of lost knowledge for your kingdom...

    This event consists of a primary Legend and an extra Legend available immediately, as well as a set of three side-Legends that will unlock the day after with 2000 collection items. These side-Legends will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, October 14th until Wednesday, October 28th at noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Ordeal of Hyndemara and Viskard will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Box of Hyndemara and Viskard, and Royal Box of Hyndemara and Viskard.

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  2. That pet, how do we define it? Peaphant? Elephantacock?
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  3. Close, it's a elephancock, they're common to some parts of upper asia.
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  4. Throne and sides are nice. Banner look like the fox banner just different pet. Rest is terrible. Another lazy job by devs.
  5. Ohhhh as a librarian I need this set!
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  6. Can we please have an event with something new to it, that isn’t copy and paste