The Ordeal of Aozark and Priark

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  1. Everyone's items count towards the clan total. But you personally can only get rewarded from clanhall up to 100x your individual contribution. This prevents alts with 25 event items from a free chest from joining a lb clan, getting max rewards in seconds, then leaving.
  2. This is not a true clan loyalty event. If it was the drops earned in a clan would stay in a clan. BUT they don't. They follow the hopper. This event rewards the hopper who pops into clans for the final few % of an eb and then hopa back out taking their drops with them.
    If you want a clan event that is truly a clan event the drops earned in a clan should stay in that clan.
  3. As the event wraps up I wanted to leave some feedback on the new features.

    I thought that the mechanics for collecting boosts via the celestial twin coins and clan loyalty were very cool. Early on deciding how to spend the celestial twin coins added a nice bit of choice to the event.

    I was rather frustrated with event rewards being tied to your clans current item count. It felt as if the gap between those player who jump between clans and those who stay in one clan grew wider with this event. For this event and the previous one, I stayed in my clan for the whole event and had similar levels of activity both times, but have ended up collecting fewer reward tiers, despite collecting more event items than usual.

    I will say though, that I like the mechanic of tracking the number of items dropped within your clan, like is being done for the leaderboard. It feels a lot more fair and reasonable than the tallying up event items currently in clan that is being done for the other rewards.

    Overall, I enjoyed seeing new mechanics being tried out, instead of just a repeat of previous events. I hope that we can see more of these and other new event mechanics in the future.
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  4. Hi Trek, I agree with you about the frustration with the individual rewards being tied to the clan participation. Btw, this isnt a totally new event they have ran a couple like this in the past.

    My personal opinion is they need to keep the clan loyality aspect of this event with the bonus rewards and the clan event lb, but make individual event separate, and possibly add some higher tiers,in the individual reward events since you are getting bonus item drops from coins and clan loyality.

    Our clan has ran around #25-27 on the clan event rewards but as of now I dont see us making the highest reward tier by the end of this event. Btw, our clab is also in clan lb of top 15-19 range as well. Then of course you have people leave that sees that as well going after those rewards which hurts clan at end of event, because they take all their items with them.

    I think the clan loyality bonus and coin bonus is a great thing, but the event itself has been frustrating honestly.
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  5. Please overlook any spelling errors as this forum is not user friendly in typing and you can not edit post to correct typing errors! 🙄
  6. Good to know! I've only been playing again for less than a year, so I haven't seen this one yet.
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  7. Some really good feedback for the devs in these posts, hope they take note.

    key issues to address from my point of view (assuming this is supposed to be an event format to encourage clan loyalty):

    1. Why have the coin bonus? Or if you are going to have it the loyalty bonus should be stronger, say 50% after a week and 100% after two weeks

    2. Hoppers should lose a percentage (say 25%) of items they earned in a clan when they leave and these should be retained by the clan.

    3. loyalty bonus should apply to all eb drops including crest plates and side quest items.

    3. leaving a clan should drop you 1 days worth of loyalty bonus rather than completely reset it.

    Overall a step in the right direction but in need of some improvements.
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  8. This wasn’t a good event for the purpose it tried to serve.
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  9. This event did nothing for clan loyalty. What a crock? Depending upon when you hit the ClanHall, you can either complete a legend or get screwed out of it.

    I just watched the total for my clan drop by almost 600k because 2 people left. They just clan hop every event. What was the point of giving bonuses if it means nothing?

    They need to put better thought into how these events award bonuses.
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