The Ordeal of Aozark and Priark

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  2. Definitely support Jah’s recommendation! Anything besides T1 reward isn’t worth the time/effort/cost.
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  3. Question: Do you/clan get bonus reward if you purchase the discounted special Nobility/Crystal packages that pop up daily?
  4. Also consider that the clan lb rewards each go out to 100 people, not a single player like regular lbs do. Those rewards get multiplied by 100 compared to normal lb.
  5. So, you claimed the number of coins dropped would increase based on the number of EB actions, well 76 dropped after 1,495 actions in an AotA today, then 73 dropped after 115 actions in a NotH after the AotA...then 59 after 125 actions in a GotH, then 62 after 170 actions in a NotH...there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in coin drops at all
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  6. Well multiplied or not the rewards still aren't worth what the clan is spending to get them.
  7. Hey, I’m kind of confused how this event is working. Would it be possible to get further explanation or perhaps a FAQ or a Q&A for it. Thank You!
  8. Support!
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  9. Support!
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  10. Support
  11. What if you kick a member that isnt active at the time, but they return back to the same clan once active, will they lose their clan bonus (for staying in clan)?
  12. This event sucks. Dont get me wrong its really Good to have Clan events.. but the reward System sucks.. theres over 200 active clans in kaw maybe more maybe less but only the top 3 clans are rewarded. Why not Do the Reward System like 1-20 , 20-40 , 50-100 , 100-120 or Something like that?
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  13. Nope. Tested it out and only works for those advertised on first page.
  14. Still hoping for a answer to this question??
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  15. My event total doesn't match the clan total. I've relogged n hit town hall repeatedly. Any idea how to fix it?
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  16. You get credit for a maximum of 100x your own event items from your clan total. So, if your clan has 200k items total, and you have earned 1k yourself, you personally would only be able to get a reward at a 100k tier (obv not real numbers).

    Also, if you have plenty of items, clan lb is based on total amount of drops dropped in clan, whereas clanhall is the number of items currently owned by clanmates. So they typically don't match exactly.
  17. Clan total and personal total are 2 different things. Did you bother reading question
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  18. Anyone in clan hitting ClanHall should have same clan legend total. As long as they stay in clan n hit ClanHall if participating. Therefore if number for 1 is different there is a discrepancy and needs to be addressed
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  19. At the risk of getting banned. How the hell does taking personal items x 100 n having that as your clan total make sense? Everyone's items should add to the clan event total in that clan! So tell me you geniuses: what's the point in having a clan event if it's only your items. Surely you are not that dense?
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  20. It doesnt seem the clan lb has real time updates, therefore it never seems the exact same as the clan hall numbers.