The Oracle Queen's Decree

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  1. In some electoral systems, if no candidate wins by obtaining at least 50% of the vote with many options, another voting round happens between the top two candidates to try and obtain a more accurate representation of the people's choice. Referred to as a Runoff Election or Two Ballet system.
  2. Atta babe charlo

  3. Is this politics? No. It's a game. Take away the other choice and goth had over 50%

  4. Agreed
  5. Why are Goth & Lotl included separately since they are both part of the same series? That is totally unfair to players who are not yet able to hit those ebs.

    Thanks for the recount idea between Goth & Calydor.
  6. If calydor door wins recount another recount should be demanded...
    Stop making up rules devs to suit some whinger who hasnt got what he wants....
    A win is a win.....
  7. I voted goth and didnt get my blessed vote?
  8. Did you misspell Scrag as Skrag?

  9. Sho nuf
  10. Agreed x2
  11. Wow that was close o.o I think because of that y'all made the right choice, I mean why not. Thanks again for the uniqueness
  12. When does the owls come out in marketplace so i can place my vote for round 2? I don't see them.
  13. Well.. goth didnt.. Sherlock..
  14. hello..when do the owls come back..I only have 2hrs & 38mins to make my vote..I want to vote please..
  15. wow..ignore that last message..maybe I should have checked marketplace before posting..thanx anyways..
  16. I still didn't get rewards for round one :(
  17. Well i can't vote for the first round since i only have an option to vote for zuthmerak, which is not in the first round yesterday..
  18. This is dumb u cant see what you're voting for in the market all u see is 4owls all exactly the same, round1 the order was backwoods from the event posting order... So is it still backwoods or did you bother to fix it?? Cuz this sucks are yall ever gonna do something right? there's a first time for everything shock me ATA
  19. All those in favour for making wars that finish within a couple hundred mill of eachother to be made a drawn? :roll: :lol: only seems fair with this draw logic.