The Oracle Queen's Decree

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  1. Thanks :)
  2. Why do people want to make goth and lotl even stronger?
  3. Calydor does not accept that outcome.
    Calydor believes this election is rigged.
    Calydor will not concede defeat.

    Calydor, making KaW great again.
  4. Hmm will hte or lotl win.......guess we got to wait and find out
  5. Who says it be stronger? But honestly we need hard ebs. Many lb clans aren't being challenged like they use to. In turn it creates more of a tap game with no thought and in turn it loses players.
  6. Calydor needs to send ghomorax some freedom. Seems to work in our elections here.
  7. vote caly lb players can hit anything lets give kaw as a whole a chance to benefit
  8. Did not receive a gem and am unable to vote, please advise
  9. Claydor shall win
  10. Best method is to uninstall and reinstall. Before doing this make sure you have linked your account to either facebook or an ata account to prevent the loss of your account.
  11. Not making enough gold for the higher spec building
  12. I have exactly the same thing
  13. Blessed Divinations are given out as a reward for the Hunt called "Round 1" so don't worry! You, and all other players, don't have one yet but will get one. If you have a Round 1 Divination that is.
  14. When can we vote again for second round? My 24 hours for first round is up and when click on chest just say preparing rewards on last tab
  15. So stupid to put both through just because they were close. In a race you don't say both win if the gap was 0.001 seconds.
  16. Zta ftw..gonna be a blowout
  17. I demand a recount