The Oracle Queen's Decree

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  1. Odd that you haven't received it. I'll ask the support staff about this and hopefully we'll get a faster response :)
  2. Looks like another event aimed at the leader board players and nothing for smaller players as usual
  3. I don't understand your anger here? Everyone gets vote tokens. And it's a 7 day eb to be added to whatever series wins. Even if ZTA wins it's not stated that it will be a paid eb. What if ZTA wins and they open a new eb under that series that's free? Y'all complain too much. This event is NOT Geared towards spending. I still don't get why everyone keeps saying it with having no information leading you to making thats statement.
  4. You get to vote how you choose and you get equipment just for simply voting. You are throwing in the towel before even trying. At this point I think you are complaining for the sake of complaining.
  5. Why don't I get a vote I am being prevented from getting the equipment from the voting
  6. Maybe they saw your username ?
  7. I had to uninstall and reinstall app to be able to vote.. this has been the case for the last couple events to update for me. So, if you can't vote. Try uninstalling.
  9. Something that isn't copy and paste. I must be dreaming
  10. Thanks for this Hailee :) not sure why this works but it's good that there's a solution :)
  11. Early polling results for Round 1:

    7 hours left in the polls
    Voter Turnout about 50%.

    in the lead: Ghomorax with about 40%
    Calydor close behind with 36%
    Jorathe has 24%.
  12. Vote for calydor help the smalls out.
  13. I was trying to vote different, but it don't tell you the eb it votes for, just a guessing game. And my divination didn't show up on the event page

  14. If you click on the owl and read the description it tells you which eb each owl is for.
  15. Ghorm, ZTA, ZOMA, HTE
  16. May I ask how you got the voter turnout? 50% of active players or 50% of all accounts?
  17. It's obv of active players. 50% of all accounts would be like half a million people
  18. Where do we get an oracle sapphire because I never got one
  19. Strage. Just looked into it and you did not get an Oracle's Sapphire.

    I have just added one to your account. You still have another 4.5 hours to cast your vote! I am looking into why you did not get one in the first place.