The Oracle Queen's Decree

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  1. I can't buy the owl to vote?
  2. The matching system is so meh.
    By conservative estimates there is a 50-75% chance that this would be the outcome:

    calydor vs apheriun

    zelgarad vs usaris

    zta vs hte

    Very nice scheme.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. I haven't received a sapphire so I can't vote...
  4. lol no i can see
  5. I haven't got a sapphire either. And when I try to buy the owl it says item can't be purchased
  6. Insolence* first sentence in op.
  7. Restart your game

    Or, do it on the computer...

    May your Vote Count
  8. I got the sapphire but can't buy the owl 
  9. I couldn't buy it on my android phone but could when I logged in on my laptop
  10. I voted and it says I now have 1 blessed divination but in the "vote" tab, it says I have 0 blessed divination
  11. The word indolence does fit the sentence that it is in. Indolence - laziness, afraid of activity.
  12. kool like a fan! oh Wait!!! I'm a fan of this!!! tkz!!! koolaid man bursts through windows & Wall! Hey!!!! thanks!!!
  13. How can I get another sapphire?
  14. You're a given new one each voting period.
  15. You get it at the end of the voting period. Check rewards for the daily event, not the week long one
  16. A lot of people can't vote.

    I have sent feedback
    I have created a post on this thread
    I have mentioned it in WC
    I have sent an email to support

    Not a single indication of a response. ..

    My day will come to an end soon and I will miss round 1 ...
  17. And Remember... #Jorathe2016