The Oracle Queen's Decree

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Charlie, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Revenge of the warbeasts

  2. That's what you get for making a greed vote lmao

  3. They read that's why they all kept voting zta, greed vote.
  4. OMG ZTA won how am i not surprisedÓźé
  5. Hmm so a EB we can only do at Weekends won? I voted Apherium hoping that series would win.....
  6. Good God this guy is a special kind of stupid
  7. Shockingly the paid eb won :-\ I've seen people posting about how this was a vote on hte/zta. I've seen people post about how this has nothing to do with hte/zta and is a vote on new temporary epic battles. What have I not seen? A single response from a dev on what we are voting for. So those of you expected a new eb, or those hoped for a new premium eb, or a plunder buff on zta, time will tell what you really voted for. Next time be a little less ambiguous in your explanation please. Or at least have the decency to clarify before an event ends.
  8. Can someone please fix out my event items such as all my silver bars and stuff it's not even there to collect
  9. I voted for the free helmet. Didn't care about the eb because I know the devs only want our money. I don't pay 2 play. Never have, never will.
    Hey devs, for the next vote, can the free equipment be a chest plate?
  10. 6 years of play and this is the game now ..... money money money what i bunch of greedy pigs. yall want a damn game to last then focus on the mass population. 1 free 2 play eb and 4 boosted pay to play ebs what a god damn sick joke yall are pathetic. sorry to any new players you will never get anywhere the devs care only about there money and their rich ass LB players