The Oracle Queen's Decree

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  1. The goddess of the sky, Hyndemara, angered by the indolence of her twin sons Aozark and Priark, has banished them to the mortal realm to train among the sons and daughters of man.

    She has bidden mankind to have a hand in their sanction, and to send their prayers to her advising her on the best means to train her children…

    One Epic Battle will be Temporarily Enhanced!

    You must help Hyndemara the Oracle Queen by choosing your favourite Epic Battle! Cast votes in each round to earn the Great Helm of Hyndemara!

    After the completion of the final round of voting, the Goddess will temporarily enhance whichever Epic Battle Series wins by releasing new challenging battles to that series.

    Enhancement will last 7 days starting shortly after the final is completed.

    3 Phases, 7 Rounds

    Vote by casting prayers in the marketplace to help decide which Epic Battle moves forward to the next phase.

    Only one Epic Battle can move forward to the next phase, so cast your prayers carefully!

    Phase 1
    Round 1: Ghomorax vs Jorathe vs Calydor
    Round 2: Skrag vs Z'uthmerak vs Apheriun vs Skorpios
    Round 3: Lignabelua vs Zelgarad vs Hawthorn
    Round 4: Usaris vs Marox vs Thorak vs Moutos

    Phase 2
    Round 5: Ghomorax vs Calydor vs Apheriun
    Round 6: Zelgarad vs Marrox

    Winner of 5 vs Winner of 6

    How it Works

    Every player will receive a Oracle's Sapphire.

    The Oracle's Sapphire allows you to cast your vote for your favorite Epic Battle by visiting the Marketplace and purchasing a Prayer to Hyndemara.

    Note: This action will consume that Oracle's Sapphire.

    Voting in each round will last 24 hours, with a few hours' downtime between each round's completion and the beginning of the next round.


    If you cast a prayer, at the end of the round you will receive:

    • - one Oracle's Sapphire (for the next round)
      - one Blessed Divination

    Final rewards will be based on the number of Blessed Divinations you have collected!

    1 Blessed Divination = Prophet's Cap
    2 Blessed Divination = Sibyl's Hood
    3 Blessed Divination = Seer's Crown
    4 Blessed Divination = Strigine Armet
    5 Blessed Divination = Helm of Eqnos
    6 Blessed Divination = Barbute of Owl's Wisdom

    7 Blessed Divination = Great Helm of Hyndemara

    Attack: (level 0) 10,130,400 - (level 10) 11,904,278
    Defense: (level 0) 9,004,800 - (level 10) 10,581,581
    Spy Attack: (level 0) 5,669,004 - (level 10) 6,661,672
    Spy Defense: (level 0) 4,504,008 - (level 10) 5,292,680

    Round 1 Results

    Ghomorax wins!

    Breakdown on the vote

    • Ghomorax: 37.58% of the vote
      Calydor: 37.28% of the vote
      Jorathe: 25.14% of the vote
    Voter turnout 61.2%

    But.... Advancing to the next round: BOTH Ghomorax and Calydor will advance to Round 5 to compete against the single winner of Round 2.

    So Ghomorax and Calydor win!

    Both Ghomorax and Calydor will advance to the next round for 2 reasons:

    1. Closeness of vote percentage.
    • The two Epic Battles were so close. Since a 3rd Epic Battle, Jorathe, was able to split the vote further another round of competition is scheduled between Ghomorax vs Calydor. Unfortunately the schedule cannot fit another full round so this will be bundled into Round 5.
    2. Multiple bets being able to be placed.
    • Notice how we took away the ability to purchase more than 1 of the "Pray for the Temporary Empowerment of ..."? What happened was players were able to buy more than one of that item from the store if they still had their Oracle's Sapphire. This will not entitle them to a greater number of rewards, nor did this effect the final counting of votes. But this did cause some of my earlier announcements to be skewed and percentages that were reported that were not 100% accurate. This wont happen again as the fix to change number of "Pray for the Temporary Empowerment of..." has been updated for all rounds but did effect this one slightly. But due to this a rematch of sorts is scheduled during Round 5.

    Rewards should now be active and will be rolling out to all players shortly. Your patience and understanding for the next few hours as this happens is greatly appreciated.

    Round 2 Results

    Apheriun wins!

    Breakdown on the vote

    • Apheriun: 47.70% of the vote
      Scrag: 29.64% of the vote
      Z'uthmerak: 14.48% of the vote
      Skorpios: 8.17%
    Voter turnout 60.22%

    Round 3 Results

    Zelgarad wins!

    In our most commanding victory yet, here's a detailed breakdown on the vote

    • Hawthorn: 13.38% of the vote
      Lignabelua: 26.24% of the vote
      Zelgarad: 60.39% of the vote

    Voter turnout 52.69%

    Round 4 Results

    Marrox wins!

    Breakdown on the vote

    • Marrox: 44.22% of the vote
      Thorak: 20.84% of the vote
      Moutos: 20.46% of the vote
      Usaris: 14.49%
    Round 4 had the greatest number of votes but a fairly average voter turnout of 55.62%

    Round 5 Results

    Apheriun wins Semi-Finals 1 / Round 5!

    Breakdown on the vote

    • Calydor: 16.42% of the vote
      Ghomorax: 32.67% of the vote
      Apheriun: 50.91% of the vote

    Semit Finals 1 / Round 5 concludes with a voter turnout of 62.10%

    Round 6 Results

    Semi Finals 2 / Round 6 is over and Zelgarad wins!

    A clear winner in the Semi-finals, Zelgarad earned 71.38% of the vote. Marrox despite winning Round 5 in convincing fashion only claimed 28.62%

    Voting turnout had a greater total number of votes cast then any other round! But a voter turnout the lowest out of any round at 42.75%.

    Final Results

    Zelgarad the Accursed wins! And will become Temporarily Empowered for seven days starting at the end of the goddess' ritual (expect a few days).

    Breakdown on the vote

    • Zelgarad: 54.23% of the vote
      Apheriun: 45.77% of the vote
    Voter turnout 64.8%
  2.  Calydor
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  4. I'm voting for Calydor!
  5. I'm sure they were making sure the items pushed to live server before making an announcement.
  6. this is SOoOoo epic!

    Thank you so much for this Charlie! I'm really excited to get started with this awesome event!
  7. Thank god for the 2 extra mcs for spies for lvl 10 ten eq....also will apheriun include HTE?

    Edit: to be fair, the event takes very little effort, so mediocre eq makes sense
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  12. I pray that everyone bands together and let's one of the small teir series littles live on get it. Would be fantastic if the kawmunity banded together to get the little guys a boost for once.
  13. I don't know who to vote for. Many have alts, some 200+ . Does my vote really count?
  14. Anyone who actually votes for anything buy hte, zta, zoma or goth is a moron.
  15. @Charlie Could you please do a Q&A in World chat?
  16. Finals for apheriun and zta . You heard it here first
  17. In android all the owls have same name "pray for empowered" there is no EB name even on my smallest font. Blind vote for android users?