The Oracle Queen's Decree: Results

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  1. Pay to play eb again as usual
  2. The ghost lost? Boooo!

  3. Same missing vote 5????
  4. The ppl have spoken.....
  5. I suspect the Russian hacked the voting and interfer with the results. We need to do a mail in paper ballots.
  6. I voted 7 times & got 7 owls. For those that received less than 7, did all your votes win?

    This isn't primary school where you get a participation ribbon even if you don't win.

  7. Your vote didn't have to win for it to count.

    There is a growing amount of people who say their votes didn't get counted but support said they simply didn't vote. I can account for quite a few who know they voted but their vote didn't show in the system. This is where the issue is.
  8. I demand a recount!!
  9. Such a failed event from top to bottom.
  10. I think each person's vote, in order to be collected and counted, you must tap the box on the event section everyday. I mean, it was not automatically given as you vote but you have to collect-claim each everyday by tapping on the (round) vote part of the event section in the main page.
    That was why many haven't got them because they just voted and yet haven't claimed each owl later. The system had 2-process: vote, collect. Next round: vote, collect. Another round: vote, collect. And so on.
  11. Except it was given out automatically... I have all 7 owls and I never saw any sort of box on the vote tab
  12. The support is full of bs then. Some of my accounts got all 7 and the rest only 6. I have voted on them all after each other every day. I wouldnt randomly forget accounts. Denying the problem is a weak move from support.
  13. I hope you guys will fix the crashing problem before you release this new/enhanced eb.

    New content, events or other updates should be taking a back seat to the fact that you have players who haven't been able to access KaW for a couple weeks. Unless they uninstall/reinstall over and over again which isn't a 'solution'.

    Will that be fixed first and released this week as you said?
  14. I also voted 7 times, but only got 6 that counted. The funny thing is everyone that I have seen saying one vote didn't count it is always number 5. Coincidence? I think not. BTW I enchanted the one I got to level 10 so If you fix the voting thing, please refund the inferno and aqua. Thanks.
  15. Is the extra jump in stats of the helm really that big of a deal? In a couple months you will have a better once from a different event.
  16. I have also voted 7 times and only got 6. Sent fb and all i got was a crappy message from kaw where at end they hoping i had fun during the event. Well kaw here is some news for u, -NO!!!!!!!! Quit releasing stuff that dont function fully. Whats the point with this half way tested stuff?? U should withdraw entire voting event and compensate all who participated.
  17. Compensate for what? You clicking an owl 7 times? Get over yourself child.
  18. This
  19. So you did get a participation ribbon then. What was the point of the whole exercise?
  20. :lol: :lol: