The Oracle Queen's Decree: Results

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  1. Your prayers have reached the ears of the goddess of Oracles.

    Now, a strange light appears in the sky, like a cascade of twinkling blue stars. It is the very grace of the goddess Herself, which descends slowly out of Her domain and onto a site known all too well by the adventurer-kings and queens of the realms…

    The town of Fort Brandmere.

    The cursed town has reappeared in time for its ruler to receive Hyndemara's temporary blessing. Now her sons, Aozark and Priark, gods of the sun and the moon, know that they will have only seven days to destroy the newly augmented Lord of Fire and appease their mother, or live the rest of their lives as mortals…

    The goddess begins to cast her empowerment upon Zelgarad the Accursed!

    It will take her a few days to complete the ritual. The goddess will have another announcement once the ritual is complete and Empowerment begins.

    Final Results

    Zelgarad the Accursed wins! And will become Temporarily Empowered for seven days starting at the end of the goddess' ritual (expect a few days).

    Breakdown on the vote

    • Zelgarad: 54.23% of the vote
      Apheriun: 45.77% of the vote
    Voter turnout 64.8%
  2. A few days? Why dont you just say it! FRIDAY!
  3. Why can't this stupid goddess perform her ritual faster!!!

    What are we paying her for!!!!!!!!
  4. @Charlie what was the main goal of this voting period? What sort of data were you guys hoping to acquire?
  5. So you're just empowering the original zta? I read the post as would be new eb added to the series. Figures y'all just wanna boost zta for nob sales.
  6. Team ZTA
  7. Would be ZTA extending for whole week while enhanced temporarily?
  8. Does the 7 days continue on after zta goes after the weekend? Or will it stop after zta goes and carry on the next weekend?

    Or do we get zta for 7 days?

    Edit: and answer your PM's ?
  9. I thought we were voting for a new eb in series as well not just "enhancement"
  10. Honestly even this post isn't amazingly clear :p Zelegard the accursed is the name of the series and the eb so it's hard to make out which they mean.
  11. Yea I thought that after I posted but no reference to new eb either. Just using the word "empowered" make for a very vague post.
  12. But all the others were eb series we were voting on
  13. "New challenging epic battles in that series" I believe is what the main voting post states
  14. Charlie said it would be a mix of enhanced existing plus new ebs in the series over a span of seven days. Maybe the enhanced existing will come first with a new eb Monday?
  15. I voted 7 times but only got 6 owls. Thanks devs, appreciated
  16. Contact as they'll be able to fix the issue or if it's a widespread issue they will pass it on.
  17. Honestly

    If u gonna do an enhanced eb for all of KaW - it should b a free zta

    Maybe this enhanced free zta doesn't pay as good as hte or zta but pays better than goth
  18. I have voted with 8 accounts, only this one got all 7 owls. The others are missing 1. I have seen plenty of people complain about the same issue on the main thread. It's not just me.
  19. I have flagged this issue to the devs and they are looking into it to see whether it's just people not voting or if there are edge cases where people were missed.
  20. What's the point? They're not going to bother fixing it if the issue was on their end.