The Optimal Purchase Guide [Efficiency Guide Revamped]

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  1. Is there a better guide?
  2. Depends what you mean by better.
  3. Noob
  4. Honestly? Are people really following a build guide from a self declared inactive player? This revamped guide is no better than the one before it.
    As I have said before if you want a simple, unambiguous guide to most efficiently increase your stats in the shortest possible time by optimising your plunder increase
    (because yes! You buy upgrades with plunder)
    Follow me and I will send it to you in your PM

    Or you could follow this guide, get left behind, get frustrated and quit the game.
  5. Because ain't nobody got time for that

    Also is there a place where tower tiers are discussed for instance if I put 30m sdt at my size would trash me that I can't hit and it'd be my fault obviously everyone gets trashed by everyone I'm talking about the optimal amount of towers for my bracket
  6. I love this guide, but since building tokens started dropping a lot of it is outmoded. Buy land and allies with cash and upgrade buildings with tokens and hit events as much as possible- especially wars. That's the most efficient these days.
  7. Any information on Deepmine?
    Both my Abyss and OsmonRai are at land 16 and I'm debating on what to do with my just opened Deepmine.
    Start Deep and come back to Ab and OR later?
    Continue with Ab and OR?
    Continue and alternate all three?

    Welcome suggestions 
  8. Be active as much as possible. I would say Use your plunder and silver bars to purchase lands until you've got all the abyss and OR lands then go to the deep mine I usually went by what was cheapest. Then use the building tokens to upgrade buildings
  9. Bumped for new player
  10. Read original post and realized how lazy I’ve become regarding KaW.
  11. Thank you for this
  12. so for OR this means max a building to level 20 before going to next step? it means to max every building while upgrading?
  13. This guide has been outdated since long ago. Firstly, we now have deepmine and osman rai lvl20. Secondly, we have crestplates... a newbie can in less than a week obtain crestplates for deepmine... so, rushing lands is more of a thing now since the plates can make up for the buildings instead of gold and first reward gives you 25 deepmine plates, which is enough for a 9t building, a week into the game...
  14. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see DM to level 20
  15. Maybe thread should get a lock? If it’s not efficient then it doesn’t need bumps to Active Topics with people saying it’s outdated.
  16. How do i unlock deep mine?
  17. 15 lands on osman rai
  18. Is there a more updated version of this guide that at least includes Deepmine? Trying to help someone through their mid game as ftp as possible.
  19. Too bad this guide is so outdated, it would have been a great help to this little scrub of a build that doesn't use land tokens or silver bars lol