The Optimal Purchase Guide [Efficiency Guide Revamped]

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  1. Thanks for this! Well reasoned out
  2. As a mod, optimal purchase questions are perhaps the most frequent. fantastic resource you have built for players here
  3. This guide is bs for the most part. Like saving up for level 10 in abyss rather than getting a new land for like a fraction of the price.
    Not sure what kind of optimal this person is talking about
  4. A land gives you no stats. Lvl 10 abyss is more than 1mcs i believe?
  5. Nice post! I used to build these private spread sheets :)
  6. Koyuki when making this:

  7. What you are not taking into account is plunder increase so your spreadsheet is utterly flawed. If taking plunder increase into account you would only open upto land 15 in hf placing only lvl1 buildings, (particularly as lvl1 give you extra hits of you do not log on within the hour) in order to unlock abyss, from there completely ignoring hoarfrost lands.

    Remember that plunder is what you buy lands with. Inefficient plunder increase means inefficient building upgrade which gives inefficient stat increase
  8. Hello koyuki,

    It doesn't look like uve taken plunder into consideration, for example a lvl 10 ug on osmen gives like a 350k+ boost to plunder if not more, this guide is a only a baseline but u need to recrunch the numbers especially with plunder and events in consideration
  9. It's almost like this wasn't done, as plunder increase isn't a static value. Mind blowing, I know.
  10. Which is what makes the spread sheet totally flawed.
  11. Say like plunder to most players is more important than stats
  12. Ok, tell us how to calculate the plunder increases, for each individual building level.

    Make sure to take into account:
    • 1. The type of building (spy, attack, sdt, adt)
      2. How many of each buildings there are, so we know the current plunder
      3. What you are hitting
      4. BFA and BFE (yes, it is believed that these may be a factor in plunder)
      5. Each level of the building

    When you do that, someone will make a spreadsheet that is "not flawed." Until then, appreciate the work someone has done, and mind your own damn business.
  13. If u go over mp in bfa u get reduced mp, only thaumalite trinkets from shard event has an eb plunder bonus, his work is a start but its totally flawed when most players are more interested in plunder, I would do the math but I dont have a laptop/pc

  14. Ok. And, how do you propose the math is done? How do you even begin to gather enough data?

    Again, there is so many variables, that it is impossible to determine plunder.

    Furthermore, for the most part, is stat gain and plunder gain linear?
    There are exceptions, of course, like SOS and guilds, but those are well known, and are not many in number.

    This guide is made for stats. Use it for stats.
  15. I'm sorry if you take offence to me pointing out the truth about a flawed spreadsheet. You guys are missing the point though. You buy upgrades with plunder therefore the better the plunder increase the sooner you will be able to buy the next upgrade with the compounding effect of plunder increase on top of plunder increase.

    The guide says to build lvl2 buildings in hoarfrost but lvl1 gives you an extra 15 minutes worth of Regen time which makes an extra 6 troop hits on an unload and 9 extra assassinations if you can bear to be away from your laptop for more than 60 minutes.
    Those extra troop hits are especially valuable to Hansels who get a much bigger bfa but those extra hits are most especially valuable if you are tackling longer tougher ebs or if you are running ebs with an item plunder bonus. Where it is better for the eb to run faster so the item phase comes around quicker.

    If you want to know the most efficient way to increase your plunder, taking advantage of the compounding effect of plunder increase you are welcome to follow me. I will follow back and give you a simple basic guide which has no need of complicated spread sheets.
  16. Thanks for the info
  17. It is an awesome Guide.Please update it with Osmon Rai buildings lvl 11-20. Ty 