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  1. Yeah I know they're not strong as they used to be just a few left want to help destroy them lol.
  2. Tepo is/was 3 months ago mostly inactive in cc/ebs/kaw
  3. Oh ur alt was my one of my owner rit ?.
    Hey i remember u. And taught me a lot in kaw.
    How are u ?
    Hope they will Cf u ASAP.
    Still they are farming u.
    It was 1 year back rit ?
    Wow u active after these many days, Very few are active since the days i started playing Kaw.
  4. Yeah been a year, love how your stats are now going hansel like when I was your owner maybe if I can save up ill buy you on day haha and yeah Im active still in OSW atm turn SH for choas wars.
  5. Someone tell "1200Lurker" to apply to my clan thats the only way I could talk next forum troll...
  6. So let me get this straight, you decided it would be a good idea to mess with omet? A clan that has been around in "secrecy" since the beginning, and your plan was to mess with them? I don't think you will get your CF any time soon, best of luck I hope this was a lesson learned.
  7. Yeah it would be good, i still want to be #1 on Overpriced list.
    Hope u get Cf As Soon As Possible
  8. Going hansel for All star War
  9. Dude I honestly wouldn't even worry about getting a cf from them. They're not what they used to be and I can personally tell you that on very good authority. Though if you do want a cf I can talk to a few of my friends and see what they have to say.
  10. Cool hansel is a great build and can you do me a favorite tell "1200Lurker" to apply to my clan.
  11. Dearest GOOFY:

    You picked such an apt name for your latest account; ("GOOFY") it speaks volumes both about you and your post.

    I would laugh-off your rant (as just plain goofy) if it weren't for the fact that the OMETs have mostly remained hidden in the shadows since the end of season-one's EE wars (and many new players do not know us or what we are like) .

    But when I saw a few questioning response posts, I felt obliged to comment so your cryptic rant doesn't lead younger players down the wrong path causing them to speculate incorrectly.

    From what I could piece together from your dichotic and convoluted post it seems you are simultaneously:

    a) asking for a cease-fire (after your 5-10 accounts have been farmed by a some OMETs for more than a year) BUT,

    b) at the same time, you're saying that, your blameless for your situation, not apologizing for your past conduct, feel you have been treated wrongly and don't want or care about a cease-fire.

    But if I recall correctly, looking at the OMET organization's records, I think that:

    A) you tried (by baiting people in world-chat) to start a war against the OMET inter-clan, and when that failed,

    B) formed fake-OMET accounts attacking and threatening people using our name to try to get them to attack us, and when that failed,

    C) landed your fake-OMET account and many of your alts into a clan called -Riot Town- which had many other unsuspecting players in it, and tried to war us from there.

    Then when we offered you (as we always do with our opponents) a choice as to our response, you spurned the offer.

    In fact, your response posts as the fake OMET and a few others of your accounts are still on my wall.

    One thing in your rant, was, however, true. After you "declined" our offer to cease your actions, apologize and change your name (NOT reset) and we acted consistent with OMET philosophy and your choice; (our philosophy is somewhat similar to the one depicted in the movie "ENDER'S GAME").

    Simply put, we fought to stop all future fights. Your were only surprised at the expanse of our network amongst so many clans and our ability to ferret out ALL of your accounts.

    As a result, we didn't simply attack a statless alt with a fake OMET name. We polled our membership and their alts and mains in dozens of clans so that we could find every single one of your many alts.

    As you had so many alts it seems, it turns out that many you created illegally. Inexplicably you seemingly bragged about this fact to someone in KAW, which in turn came to the attention of the developers, who must have investigated the matter and determined it to be true, because they chose to ban many of you under their TOS. So blaming the OMETs for the developers discovering and banning your illegal accounts when you were so sloppy is pure butt-hurt.

    The only reason for your remaining accounts to be booted from the various clans you entered was because we wanted to notify the clan owners that we were tracking and farming specific targets (YOU). We wanted to let them know in advance that these attacks on you was in no way a threat of any harm to their legitimate members. Proof of our selective targeting and accuracy is self evident, given the fact no clan at all complained of any collateral damage.

    Despite your most recent misrepresentations, I believe that farming you and your many alts for more than a year is sufficient to make our point.

    Therefore, as long as you make no more spurious or defaming posts in the forums I will post your wall with my instructions to all OMETs to cease fire on this account and any other of your accounts you wish me to post on.

    All future discussion should be by PM and not in a public forum as I will not post on this thread again.


  12. Then in that case, you obviously did not write them an email or you were not sincere.
  13. Can't speak in pm cuts off all communication when your perm silenced. So if this means I served my punishment and now can go on my way with a ceasefire just say "yes" in pm.
  14. Get a life omet. TL;DR btw
  15. Seems I was wrong in my assumption that the omet king was inactive.
  16. Tepo you are a genius️

  17. Way to Go Tepo , Respect to the Rabbits & For those who are talking about The Omets I will be waiting for you in my newsfeed :)
  18. Thanks for the CF grant. Your members are very well organgize OSW warriors thanks OMETS and TEPO.