The Omecrotchles

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  1. So some random geezer got the omet name and named himself that.

    Then he told other blokes to name themselves omecrotchlis.

    Well now as I always see, these ometotchlis think they own the place with the principles of contracts and farming people who wall them etc. Just check any of the omets walls and you will see how ridiculous they are.

    And now when others use the same name, the omecrotchles start raging and crying as if we did some crime or something.

    Well these geezers can't go around thinking they own KAW and to be honest the things I see when they message each other that so and so used our name farm them is just ridiculous.

    What do you guys think? Discuss.....
  2. Indeed.
  3. kotfe fought another another clan because the name was too simular to theirs, discuss.
    its a war game
  4. Red card and goalless game for Steve G, thats what i think
  5. Cool story bro, tell it again
  6. Op, you use the omets identity to try and sneak into a zaft clan.

    Then you made a thread about it.

    So... You kinda left that out your story. The thread is at the bottom of the third page of active topics.
  7. I stopped reading at the gif.

    Her name?
  8. Fairuza Balk?
  9. Geezers? You call them geezers?
  10. Crotch what!!..

    *must... Refrain.. From posting gifs