The Oathkeeper's Challenge

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  1. I feel like you shouldn't speak on topics that you have no idea about. There is a case about clan loyalty to be made there. You would know that if you spoke from experience and not from spite.

    I've been an admin at WTF for a long time, and the people in that clan roster right now are nearly all regulars. Ones who come all weekend for every weekend, some who don't stay in a single clan throughout the week, yet the jump for main bars instead. How is them staying in WTF for an entire event not some kind of loyalty? How is them choosing WTF every weekend over other NK clans not some kind of loyalty? Continuing to contribute to the success of the clan for the clans benefit and not for their own?

    The fact you'd even question the admin team at WTF amazes me. Again, if you had experience, you would know how much they work with their members. Especially in events such as these. This isn't the first clan event either, and it is being handled the same way as the last clan event.

    All I see in your post is a lot ignorance about topics you don't fully have a bearing on mixed with jealousy that they will continue to win this clan event.
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  2. would like to see clan item contribution posted on each members profile page
  3. The event was promoting clans working together as a team to over come all the other clans participating right?

    What difference does it make which clan you're in as long as that group of people are working together efficiently? Isnt that the objective here?

    One mentioned that WTF NK wasnt the ideal image of this team work. People coming into this clan are regular members whom attend every weekend and who pay to guarantee that the same group of people will also participate the way they do.

    As far as kicking the spots for others at the end, I have to say I'm flabbergasted at the idea. We have never done that in any event we have participated in and we show loyalty to those who work hard to accomplish staying in the top clan spots with us.

    Admins work to ensure fairness and keep things organized but there have been times when they have even removed themselves because they knew they couldnt be active enough to help the team. I have to think that shows loyalty. I believe that's one of the most unselfish things I've witnessed inside the WTF clan. Did you know that admins have to pay their way too? So, here you have a dedicated group of people taking time out of their week and weekend to keep things functioning while paying the same money other do to keep their spot. I dont feel that you looked at the whole picture when making your assumptions.

    (WTF have also participated in multiple week events throughout the time. We even team up with other clans at times to make this work.)

    We consider WTF NK a family clan, we our loyal to them and they are loyal to us. If you notice the other NK clans did not participate, but with WTF we knew our family could make it in the top 5 with the strength of teamwork we demonstrate every event and every weekend.

    Their are many still trying to join us but again, we are showing loyalty those who have stuck out the week event with us and have closed the doors till the event is over.

    You'll also find our alliance family clans are in the top 5 as well, all using different techniques and strategies. Do they not show loyalty in your eyes either because they're in the top? I feel like maybe you werent educated on the concept of this event and mispoke before you knew how everyone operated. I hope this gives you a little more insight.

  4. Why so nicely nicely?
    This event is trash tier garbage.
    There are some top 50-100 clans running top tier Ebs that will struggle to complete the 3.5mil target and almost certainly wont make the 5mil event items.
    In comparison to previous events the 3.5m mark is equivalent to those 12k event item mark.
    You didnt just shafted the hoppers you nerfed really active none pay2play clans. The clan bonus is absolutely Garbage setting the bar so high is so tragic. Please refrain from this kind of event for future or if you do continue make sure you balance the bonus in a much more effective way.
  5. This is a perfect example. Your clan is 88 overall. Meaning if your only hitting the "12k mark" as a clan with only 1 BC account that quickly falls to 7-9bcs accounts and drops off after that. Then yeah your right where you should be. The top 20 clans I would expect to hit top tier. 21-30 should make second to top tier and so fourth. And to say the top 100 clans isnt that impressive as i tf was 5 years ago. Kaw has less 200 actually active clans. Take a look sometime of where the cut off line is.
  6. If I personally collect 100k I can go to any clan that has 10m or more and hit clanhall and get up to 10m for the legend. Correct?
  7. So because you sitting pretty swinging from the devs digital sack I should respect your opinion?
    You will find more accounts vexed about this event and its progress than are actually satisfied.
  8. I like the event, it has been nice to see our clan working together and engaging again. We are a stable clan, with few hopping. We hold steady at around 50 on clan leaderboard but have hit the top 30 for the event so far.

    Yes there are things that could be improved, but overall thank you devs for listening and giving us what many have been asking for in forums.
  9. The 100th clan is rebels rest. Running your normal rotation. Doing 7hr ebs. With 59 members. Is it unfair that they won't reach max tier? Or would it make sense that a "top 100 clan" gets max drops even though they hardly register to even do goth/noth rotation? No disrespect to Rebels rest. I've visited before they are good people. But they arent a heavy hitting clan. So for them to get max rewards in their situation would mean that everyone above them would get max drops. Pretty much giving max drops to the entire player base. And then by default not giving any value to the drops at all. EQ isnt going to hit max drops I'll be lucky to see the 3m drop rage. Doesnt mean that I'm going to cry to dev about it. I'm not even going to jump to to a bigger clan to hit drops. I'm going to take what my clan has earned be proud that we got to where we are and to encourage that we make internal changes to boost our membership. Instead of being mad use this event as an opportunity to expand your clan.
    Insults dont really help make your case. I havent spent a dollar this event and wont even hit the 3m mark. Doesnt make me sour. And truthfully shouldn't put such a bad taste in your mouth either. EQ is only ranked 55. Your complaint about my opniom might hold more weight if I was in a top 3 clan.
  11. Let’s face it folks. True clan loyalty died a long time ago when they introduced events in the first place. In fact it has been a slow erosion four about 4 years now. It became to easy to grow quick. Too many paid fir upgrades, too many items to collect, too many events that ended up leaving your account behind if you didn’t do all you could to keep up. Which lied to trains and hoppers (like I sadly am now). stoped fighting each other. We no longer need
  12. Damn. Can’t even use this revamped forum properly anymore. Oh well, you get my drift. When the clans stopped fighting each other and we stopped preying on each other the need for clan loyalty went out the window. We don’t need anyone to watch our backs anymore. Soon as I buy that last stupidly expensive land slot (so I feel like the game is kinda done) I’m quitting.
  13. Low drops, unrealistic milestones, the devs still have an opportunity to adjust, but we probably won’t see that...why should we? We’ve been disappointed before...or maybe it’s a four week, linked event? Nah, we’ve seen this play before...over the holidays 😖
  14. OK after being in this event till the almost the end in same clan I wanted to share my thoughts. First all, again, I want to commend the devs for running this clan event. It is something that has been requested for many years and although I do feel there are some aspects that need improvement, I'm super happy that this event was put out here to try and promote clan loyalty. That being said here are my suggestions and/or hopefully constructional criticism:

    I do like the percentage boost on the event, however being in what I consider a midsize clan (ranking on the level of low 30's to high 30's) I don't think its benefitted with the main event being a fully clan based effort. I feel if the main event that you combine items (like from ebs Noth/Goth rotation) was still left as a individual event with the boosted % drop level from being in same clan on that event would promote loyalty. Additionally having a clan based side event with a boosted % drop item (this being one item that drops from all ebs) event would also promote loyality and hopefully higher activity, therefore would be a much greater benefit and incentative to stay in same clan. The reason I say this is obviously you have some in our clans that are highly active and some not so much. It will end up being discouraging to the highly active player if their whole event is hurt because of players that can't or won't be more active. Ex: was suggested to me after this event, that if we do another one that the more active members of our clan move to our main clan to have a go of it. So essentially would kill our subclan as less active members would be left and some of those would probably leave as well as we wouldn't be able to sustain running timely ebs that we are accustomed to.

    I had some other thoughts that I had poated, but after having so much trouble with forum crashing and going out, therefore losing it, I will just leave it at this. Very frustrating, trying to comment when typing thoughts just to be lost.

    So anyways, thanks again devs for the clan event effort, hopefully this won't be the last but will be a stepping stone to promoting clan loyalty and activity.
  15. Maybe having the clan event can be based on hits (successful actions - Attack, Assassinate, Scout, or Steal) of eb, (of course having 1 item that dropped from every eb for clan event, as stated in above post for clan side event, instead of having to combine items), that way its not based on which ebs ran but more on how many successful clan actions, they could do the bonus drops by saying each successful action increases per member hitting eb by their time in clan like instead of 1 point per successful action, it could increase in value to 1.1 or by 10% (or if only wanting to take upto a 50% bonus hit drop per event could increase by .05 or 5%), as bonus increases it would build up to 2 (1.5) points per successful action the longer you stay in clan. Making it per successful action on ebs would allow smaller clans to actually have chance of placing on clan event lb if they had activity and/or wanted to use crystals to increase total clan successful actions per eb.
  16. What a joke. Forum description does not match what is really happening. If u hop into a clan with 5 and hit clan hall you get those rewards. Even though u just arrived and have not helped them get to that level. Hoppers win! They just need to find clans to let them in. Loyalty is not a factor really.
    Sad...I was hopeful the math and the description matched.
  17. Hope the coming events don’t ruin the NK b2b clans. The past two weeks almost killed my interest in the game. I’m enjoying the game, I hope devs don’t take that away.
  18. Thanks everyone for your feedback on this event. We are always looking to try out different events and your opinions are important to us. Please feel free to write in with more feedback if you have any or continue to post here. Sharing what you liked and didn't like will help us when creating events in the future :)
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  19. I felt like dropping the entire bonus when your with a home clan is a bit excessive? It completely hinders those who want to help smaller clan finish ebs (sure mainly for hoppers) but if you’re in a clan for 10/14 days, then hop out to say hi to a few friends or help with an eb, i feel like the entire bonus shouldnt dissapear. Maybe subtract a tier of bonus or two each time you leave your home clan. Just a quality of life adjustment, but overall I thought the event went well.
  20. Hi everyone, it looks like a few people are having difficulty collecting their clan leaderboard rewards. There are a few conditions here:
    1. You must be in the clan at the time of the event ending
    2. You must collect your rewards before leaving
    It looks like a few users have left their guild before collecting their rewards and aren't able to collect them once they join back. We're looking into getting the rewards to these users but please keep this in mind for the next event.