The Oathkeeper's Challenge

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  2. 5 is after 3.5
  3. This event is dumb. Kaw yall need to stop with these above average difficult events, most people wont/dont/know how to read and complain complain until someone tells them what to do, then immediately say, well this event is dumb. 😂😂
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  4. This event is literally not complicated at all. Just hit eb and clan hall after eb. Stay loyal to a clan to get more boost and boom that’s the gist of the event. Way easier than BF event
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  5. The bonus for being in clan for 3 days is 8% and now I have reached 4 day loyalty the bonus is still 8%. Is the just a visual bug?
  6. I would like you guys to go back to the old events. With these clan events you screwed smaller clans. If you are going to continue with the new event style I suggest using another system that allows the player the choice to do the event with the clan or do the event independently.
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  7. My legend says I've only got 22,500 build clan halls, but my clan has 1.7mil. What's going on there?
    And yes, I have hit the clan thing on the bl. Yesterday it only said 15k, now 22.5k. Still not syncing to my clan's 1.7mil.
  8. You only get legend credit/progress for up to 100x the amount of items you personally have earned. Do you have less than 17k items (your personal count is visible on your profile)?
  9. Please consider changing the clan loyalty boost to improve the odds of crestplate drops. That is the main reason people hop, obviously as well as to achieve legend targets.
    This would also greatly smaller active clans to grow much faster.
    The current method is good but i think increasing odds of plate drops would be even more welcome
  10. If you are hopping clans, it will reset the items.
    Here is the example,
    If your new clan completed 1m items before you join them, You will be starting with 0 and then count starts from that day. If your clan earns 20k on the day you joined, then your event item show only 20k items, But other people who are staying from start will get max items the clan have.

    Key here is 'If you hop clans, your items will be down to zero'

    Correct me if i am wrong.

  11. This event is the definition of trash please never do this again.
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  12. Is just me or the coin drops have decreased?
  13. 7 days past and 7 days left in event. I barely hit the 2 tier with 2 equipment from this event. Guess I should stop wasting my time. 😤
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  14. Clan bonus after 7 days is 25%, what’s the point of having it capped at 50% if we’re gonna get that bonus on the day the event ends? Poorly thought out imo
  15. I don’t understand how it screws smaller clan. If they can get 7mill I’m pretty sure they won’t get 50k in regular event. They actually might get better rewards because it’s a team effort
  16. I still make the case that blitz clan do not reward clan loyalty, unlike normal clans, they rely on kicking inactives, which is something like half of the clan or less, I've seen clan members go down to 62, and that is probably with active guests.

    To me clan loyalty means that you are loyal to your clan, and your clan is loyal to you, works both ways. That means no kicking. I'm not arguing against in clan concerted effort at blitzing, but when you have to kick to bring in people to blitz, that doesn't show loyalty on the clan's part.

    Also with regards to WTF NK clan, there's no case to be made about clan loyalty there, for the simple fact that had this been a normal event, they wouldn't even be active on weekdays, and the only people protected from a kicking are the admins of the clan.

    Who's to say that they won't kick all guest out and fill with their own alliance members for the top clan rewards, or selective clan door/acceptance policy, there is simply no mechanism to stop such loopholes. I'm not saying they will, but there's no stopping such actions either.
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  17. Don’t like this event. Looks like most clan won’t be able to make the 3.5million mark. Previous event I could achieve all stages.
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  18. So this event need 100k for personally geee.... Batter become hoper 🤪
  19. Being halfway thru the event I think it's time to address something that I've seen alot of. And that is the issue with clans not reaching max drops. And this is gonna be an unpopular opinion so get ready trolls.

    Every clan not reaching max drops is actually better for the game. Now hear me out. Charms are already inflated and they are already not abtained in the manner intended. The reason that low tier drops drop equipment that has garbage stats is because they are intended for accounts in that stat range. A 20mcs account isnt post to be able to get a 50k drop eq. So really this type of event scales the game properly. So everyone won't get max drops. But that's ok. It brings competition back. If you can muster your clan to be more active and to help each other your drops will increase.
  20. Yet the clan you sit in was one of the first clans in KaW to adopt the kick and WC recruit standard we see in KaW now as a norm

    I see first hand the loyalty with the admins and leaders at WTF and also the visitors. They are fair honest and treat everyone there in an unbiased way. The admins deserve their spots for their hard work, and DO pay their way too. So personally we dont appreciate these crappy false allegations you are making and its an utter insult as im sure anyone who has visited can attain.

    And as for the event.... Why should a brand new clan and one month old accounts be able to get the same as established clans who work constantly and players who have committed years to this game. No other game you can waltz in and be on same level within weeks.

    As mention above by green-echo4legend this brings back competitiveness and scales the game to how other games work.
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