The Oathkeeper's Challenge

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  1. My question is related to the ClanHall items decreasing when someone leaves the clan!

    If you have a guest join in eb, then that guest leaves after eb but never hits the ClanHall account does that account leaving decrease your clan event totals? If so, why would it do that if they never donated their pieces to our clans ClanHall? It seems like it should not reduce our clans Event totals if that person that leaves never hits the ClanHall while in our clan.

    Also, if a person leaving takes their items, joins another clan, can they give their items to that clan by hitting the ClanHall acct while in another clan? It don't seem that they should be able to hit eb in clan to leave and join another clan giving that clan its pieces!
  2. devs correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t think you actually even need to hit clanhall for your clan total (the one on leaderboard legend) to go up. That’s simply based on the total # of collection items earned in the clan. The clan # total will never decrease, even if people leave. You can’t donate items to a different clan.
  3. It does decrease when people leave, not sure if they actually donated to our clanhall or not though, as it was people that just hopped in on main bar of eb!
  4. There seems to be a misunderstanding about what hitting ClanHall actually does. Hitting this doesn't "donate" your items in the sense that the previous "donation" (world collection) events did. Hitting simply counts up the total number of collection items collected by all players in your clan at that time, and then gives you main legend progress equal to that number.

    As TERRA said, the leaderboard progress for your clan and legend progress won't be the same. If a player joins your clan for the MB of a EB and then leaves when it's over, the items they earned during that EB will count towards your clan's total on the leaderboard, but will only count for your main legend progress (i.e. when you hit ClanHall) if they are in the clan at the time.
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  5. Thank you Lirael for responding, I understand somewhat, I think! Still a bit confused! I do thank you for putting effort in encouraging clan loyalty though with this event! 💙
  6. What I'm trying to still grasp is that this event is supposed to promote clan loyalty, yet the clans on leaderboard are still the same clans that have always lead the leaderboard, take the top two, one is a blitz clan, the other a premium clan.
  7. Jumping clan for br should not be penalized
  8. So hit ur EB’s faster then?
  9. Run a BR in ur clan?🥱
  10. Somehow even with a high turnover rate blitz znd premium clan still hold top spots
  11. This puts into question the whole concept of the event about building clan loyalty
  12. People are still loyal to N4S and are regulars. We just kick them when inactive 😳
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  13. Not sure why you have only focused on top 2 clans.

    All 3 top clans are KotFE clans and KotFE ran and lead. And Knights of the Fire Emblem is the one clan out of the 3 where it is 100% homebodies with no kicks rotation or spending required and we are doing pretty ok 😉

    However N4S and NK have their perms and regulars and work extremely hard for KotFE members and for the community who are happy to use the clans week in week out for their benefit

    What this clan loyalty event (which we have all wanted for years and is absolutely spot on and awesome) is showing with top spots is being game active and actually playing the game - wether spending or not... Will reap rewards.

    Inactives amongst our clans - relying on 60/70 strangers jumping to finish your ebs - actually isnt isnt healthy for clans.

    But if your members havent stayed loyal and gone home for this... Dont blame devs or punish clans who do have an active (non spending) core.
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  14. Well that post went wrong🤣🤣🤣
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  15. I’m not seeing any increase in drops for the main legend or side legends, except for the bonuses I’m getting for using the coins to buy guild house sawmill n quarry...I’ve been in the same clan since the legend’s start...when does the mysterious loyalty drop phase start?
  16. What? Glad rugby is on this weekend
  17. Further to this event a thought just popped into my head about this event ! What would of made it more interesting would be if we were able to steal another clans items! Now that would of made it fun !
  18. Have you hit ClanHall at least once per day? Hitting that acc "registers" you to a clan, and earns you the boost after each day.
  19. 100%. Honestly kotfe has always managed to hold a decent membership. I think the issue most people are having with this event is they have yet to realize that this event focuses on GOING TO YOUR HOME CLAN. With as many kotfe that float kaw it's really no surprise to see them at the top. And yes this event is spot on. Devs got it right. And as per usual it's the players that are trying to loophole and getting mad that they cant just hop around and get to max tier in 1 day and farm FS plates. When really you can do that at your home clan with a little team work and patience. Would love to see more of these events perhaps even a clan based PVP event? I think that would really bring us all back to the enjoyable days of kaw. Well maybe just 100-300 of us but either way great progression devs.
  20. Anyone know what is the tier for the "Build your meeting Hall" legend quest. Hiw many tiers are there the first batch of equip start from 2mil next is 3.5mil and whats next anyaone reach beyond that already?