the nu empire

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  1. They filled ar unibersities both as estudents an profesors.
    They no habe the noledge an how to riserch.

    They bot ar companies. Ol kinds.
    Now they no how ar sicrets to deel an organize.

    They estarted producin chip trinkets
    Now they master mas production with ol digrees of quality

    They didnt habe political estalemates/bikering. They pul one way.
    They sabe, sabe, sabe as a way of life.

    Unlike us who wore champs from the bery beginin, they came from behind in a way the worl has neber sin.

    Soon, ol technological inobations will come from them. They olredy own manufactiring.

    Among other things.

    Say hello to the chinese empire guys. Its comin. Its olredy bisible in the horizon. Ar eyes wil see it
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  2. oh no it was the chinese all along
  3. The same goes in the gaming industry too.Not only behind the scenes in the production + making of it.But also playing the game too . Before you decide to download the game i always read players comments and how they rate the game first to make up my mind. And almost every game there are warnings to not download the game because the game is controlled by chinese/Asian players who bully and spend all their money on stats and equipment and are dominating the leaderboard ranks on it . This theory was executed on kaw by Jin Chris who was a one man army who fought against the odds ,fighting clans and everybody and came out on top winning everytime.I miss Jin Chriski :).He is another kaw legend who i hope returns back one day.Worldchat was always fun when he was around.
  4. Chinese dollars is very cheap and In app purchases becomes cheap for em too.,
  5. We need to build a wall and make China pay for it
  6. You mean nu like Korn