The New War Chest / Equipment

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  1. ))) DISCLAIMER (((
    I’m not here to complain or cause any flow of negativity.

    Alrighty long post short, the devs have finally given hard concrete proof that they consider our pleas for change and all around equal playing opportunities for the different play styles here in kaw today ( free to play, pay to play , fairy , bunny , osw grunt and of course warriors)

    (Those were my personal lingos for the play styles I know of )

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Devs , Yaaaaaay community!!!

    But what is this post about ? Basically I just wanted to address weather or not these new chest and the corresponding drops would be worth your time . The answer is simple , here’s my quick “algorithm “

    DO YOU PVP———Of course

    DO YOU WAR————DUH!

    ARE YOU IN OSW————-Yes!!?

    (You don’t have to answer but if you know your response is yes then GO GET THOSE CHEST!!!)



    Does this mean that you don’t need the chest or th equipment because you choose to smack those ebs silly ;) COURSE NOT!!! Those keys are expensive 100b,1trill,
  2. If you have any questions about the new war equipment or the chest there is a forums post about it in active topics. Sincerely- another noob ;)
  3. Theres a key for 10Tril too
  4. Technically you don't have to war/pay for the chests even. They're tradeable. You can reap the rewards even as an eb fairy if you're willing to shell out charms to a warrer (and then 100b-10t to open them).
  5. I’m on mobile and it actually cut another part out where I mentioned both the 10t key pricing and the fact that it wouldn’t be cost efficient to pay someone for the chest and pay to open them, the latter is mentioned vaguely further up a bit. Apologies for the missing information. Thank you moderator for the clarification.
  6. Rip

    Low pay - wasted 5 bucks for a helm and 45 silver bars... drop rate not that good
  7. Make them Un-tradable! Make them for active and warriors that put in the effort to win. It might be “unfair” to eb only players, but guess what? Life’s not fair!! Pve players can reap the rewards of this simply, learn to war and Participate. :-o IF “omg is he for real” your thinking? No I’m an illusion ,=,e