The New PVP Event

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Chloe, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. The majority of KaW complains about a lack of PVP. That they miss the good ol days. And I am not here to say KaW listened because who knows what may happen in the future. But this new event is what many people want, a way for PvP to be a useful strategy in growing and one in a prominent enough form for it to be accepted by many. Yes it had a rocky start but I feel now that people have an understanding a grasp of the basics it could be a real option. Hopefully the Devs can see this and keep it around. No matter how many stones we throw they have been doing more and more. This isn’t to congratulate them on adding depth to the game yet but maybe to bring people to say they like this event and we want more. To use this as a discussion and review place. I hope they plan to do more PVP oriented events in the future. Money talks so the EB option and PVP options will have to coexist but maybe since they’ve done this we stick our toes in the ground and fight for them to stay. Now about those charms and wars...
  2. I like the pvp event... if it actually worked. It says you can slay people when you make them dtw. But some people can slay others with a single scout when they are full bars. It’s a mess. Good job devs, we expected nothing else.
  3. Thanks Chloe! There are still a few kinks to work out, but I am glad to see that some players are excited about the event :)
  4. This isn’t a pvp event u moron what a pvp event is well it’s when u can have the option to farm people to get items this doesn’t it’s just a side legend get it right and second of all it’s the worst side legend with pvp they done they need to stick to amount of hits = rewards it’s better and second of all ur clueless about pvp so don’t speak about it fairy
  5. Can y’all take a look at top 10 rewards? 2 banners is useless and top 50 gets circles so maybe could top 10 get 200-250 circles? Would work a lot better!
  6. How about you just be grateful?
  7. Just my 2 cents: if u’d have to actually make othrrs dyltw to slay them thrn good luck taking those heavy charmers down, i’d say do not tweak it, this way everybodody has a chance, tweaking it would have a few heavy charmers staying high untouchable. Good job on the event, way to give everyone a standing chance. Regarding items dropping from hitting others: what would stop a hevy att creating OSFs and the other way around and farming those for items? u’d have equipment farms instead of charm farms. Thx for listening to the community
  8. It's a good start 
  9. It’s been 2hours I’ve last been slain and yet can’t buy their werewolf thing. It is not visible who is what so as werewolf you don’t know if you’re attacking another werewolf or a hunter. But then anyway BL shows max 1-2 names so who cares...
  10. Oh and yeah, slaying the 2 guys in my BL with a single scout is kind of obnoxious. But then got slain by scouts although I had full troops... I like the idea but it’s just not ripe yet.
  11. Exactly, I like the idea of it, it just needs some fixes. Opted in as a hunter earlier, empty battle list, then as a werewolf it was like 5 people, scouted someone DTW and got no rewards. They hadn't been killed because they were still in my bl.
  12. I wen thru my whole bl got a big 0 way to go devs
  13. Any addition to the pvp aspect of the game is and should be welcome. Like Chloe said folks want 2010 gamestyle back but thats not an option. Keeping things new and changing is what will keep folks interested.
  14. What won't keep people interested is when the PvP mechanics don't work. Nobody wants to bother if they're not getting rewards like they should be.
  16. Also they need to work on getting the balance of factions right. It's not great as a hunter because there are never wolves, and its not great as a wolf because the moment you buy it you are bombarded to dtw by multiple hunters who have been waiting for anyone to appear on their bl
  17. Wipe the poo off your lip