The New Forum Layout

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  1. I'm sure you've seen the new forum layout by now. To those of you wondering what each section is this should help clarify things. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and we'll do our best to answer them.

    This is where official announcements will go. These announcements can cover a wide range of topics and are in general things that we feel are important to share such as changes to the forum, game, etc. Generally, any important announcements will be stickied across all forums, and will be moved to this section afterwards..

    This is where we’ll post details on current and past wars, events, and contests. Generally, any ongoing events will be stickied across all forums, and will be moved to this section once they’ve ended.

    We’ll be slowly populating this section with featured guides we find from the forums that we feel will be useful to all players.

    Talk about your game strategies or share guides with other players.

    Clans and Alliances
    Talk about anything related to Clans or EB’s. It’s also a great place to recruit other players and form unofficial clan alliances.

    Talk about anything war related.

    Post questions or share feedback both with the developers as well as other players.

    Other KaW Discussion
    Talk about anything that’s KaW related and not covered in the other sections.

    Best Of
    Check out some of the best posts of KaW. We’ll occasionally select posts and immortalize them here.

    Create or participate in forum games, player run events, and more.

    Fan Fiction
    Create your own world and share your stories.

    Off Topic
    Talk about anything not related to KaW here.
  2. Other PIMD discussion?
  3. Umm.... Not trolling or anything, but didn't the names of the new sections seem pretty self-explanatory?

    Sorry, but I'm not a fan of doing something I don't need to, and I'm sure everyone knew what they were for :lol:
  4. Still pretty cool though. Good Job Devs
  5. Just what I was thinking Santa. Seems a little slip up there!
  6. That just shows where our Season 3 ranks in their books!

  7. Thanks devs!
    Just so you know, you put 'other PIMD discussion'...
  8. other pimd discussion? wut?
  9. Other PIMD Discussion?! Really KC?
  10. Lol was that an accident?
  11. Obviously c/p off of pimd. Also please remove "Kaw slang guide" and magoo's "guide to ebs" off of guides as they are trolls/locked
  12. So is events just for developer hosted events? Or even players hosted? Because Kiss Me Sweetly is the only event I know of that is active at the moment.
  13. Whoops! All fixed. We went through a similar restructuring on the Kingdoms at War, Party In My Dorm, and Meego forums to help unify them and make them simpler to navigate. As people on mobile devices also can't see the forum descriptions for each section this may help at least for the first while as people adapt to these changes.
  14. I have a question. Could we set it so the news dont over whelm every Forum section? Maybe make news forums answerable from AT/news. Thanks
  15. Will the new sections be unlocked? My guide needs updating and it's stuck in guide.
  16. When some1 casts for war any chance you could change so go to there profile seems pointless going to home screen and wars need fixing bad do ur job n stop fixing things that are fine
  17. I like that they changed forum games to ACTIVITIES
  18. Will the guides section actually be used now? :)
  19. Thank you for the new layout