The Netherking returns!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. atleast double the plunde while summer promo is one will help
  2. Idk why yall so mad. Ata doesnt care about their player base, just about the small amount of spenders. This is nothing new. Kaw's monthly revenue has been going down anyway so they will start caring eventually.
  3. It's obvious only pay ebs get your attn, so why not bring back old man ebs on weekends too. Give smaller clans a chance to run cheaper pay ebs. It all adds your coffers, devs, and may help clan loyalty some, remember that idea?
  4. With nothing but premium eb's coming out now it makes you wonder what's going on in the Land of the s,are they that cash strapped or just milking the last dime from this app.
    I know of multiple tickets going in over the last 2 months asking for new higher tier ebs now that there's going to be no new Sveruganti eb,as support keeps saying,and they also say that they are working on some,but all I see is premium Nether something is definitely wrong with this app now.
  5. Jesus,mate,you and your cat are everywhere
  6. We all know how this story ends....zta become hte, hte becomes rotwb , rotwb becomes extinct and hk becomes zta
  7. Except the price in real $ goes up and up, and less people will spend. Due to inflation of stats from all the new lands, the devs should at least halve the price of premium ebs so that their relative difficulty vs cost is the same as it was a few years ago.