the most comical threds

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  1. U red it. U no what u came for. So shar up an put on them diapers cuz ur gonna have a blast.

    Theres no especific order

    1.-The guy who had gyno.- i min, come oooooon

    2.- Omet chif callin ol omets to osw.- nobody cared and they only mock him. He ended up lookon like a chump

    3.- rusted chalengin paintboy to a fite

    4.- the chump who farmt this other guy who turned out to b a syco. The farmer was hapy cuz at list he had the syco occupied thus proly sabed a cat.

    No. Im not gonna necrobomp any thred. I think its aganst tou.
  2. “Hi I’m salty, and I’ve been on crack for 25 years now”
  3. No support
  4. Agree
  5. This is why "best of" exists.
  6. i cant translate it today