The Moonlit Tyrant EB Guide (simplified)

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  1. Quick how to for the Moonlit Tyrant EB

    To Open

    20, 50, 80, 130, 180 circle pieces

    Phase Two

    Scout Rescue the Prisoners
    Attack/assassinate Slay the Cultists
    Attack/assassinate Fell the Altar Guards

    Phase Three

    Attack/assassinate Bring out the Silverware
    Item: Summon Darkness Veil of the Moon
    Attack/assassinate Load, Aim, Fire

    Phase Four

    Attack/assassinate Arrows of Wolfsbane
    Attack/assassinate Swords of Silver
    Attack/assassinate The Rite of Airgead
    Attack/assassinate MB.

    Edit, Phase Four Fiendish

    Swords of Silver (middle bar) attack/assassinate
    Arrows of Wolfsbane and The Rite of Airgead (Top and bottom bars at once) attack/assassinate
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    My clan picked up assassinating is a lot better than attacking in terms of damaging, anyone else notice this?
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    My hamster could figure this out
  8. The Moonlit Tyrant eb guide, ty Mei again! :)
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  11. The eb not drop aqua?
  12. Boo not useful
  13. Another paid eb, yay!
  14. I’ve spent enough for circle drops.
  15. I know right ?