The Mages' Synod

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  1. The Mages' Synod

    "Once a year, Mages, alchemists, and other practitioners of the arcane arts from across the continent gather to exchange notes, thoughts, and theories at a great conference known as the Mages' Synod.

    A well-loved part of the Synod is a festive showcase of spectacular magic put on for the host kingdom's subjects by the visiting Mages, known as the Sorcerers' Spectacle.

    This year, it is your kingdom's turn to host the Synod, and the Mage has planned something memorable for the Spectacle..."

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well three side-Legends that will unlock over the course of the next two weeks. You have to complete your previous side-Legend before unlocking the next one. You will also have more opportunities to acquire Aqua and Inferno from current Legends!

    This event will be available from Wednesday, September 26th until Wednesday, October 10th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Mages' Synod will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Mage's Box and Royal Mage's Box.

  2. Can we expect anything new in the near future?
  3. Yes
  4. These events honestly just complete ass at this point
  5. Can you elaborate at all? :)
  6. Is that a half deer half chicken pet?

    Also is that a plucked chicken as pet food?

    Funny thing is i'm hunting pheasant and deer in a few weeks.

  7. Care to elaborate?
  8. The next event will have some progress that will be used in a future event (2 events past it), the event after that will have some new mechanics, and the event after that will build on the previous 2 events. Hope that was cryptic enough :D
  9. It’s coming soon just like gifting 
  10. Yeah Winston, what’s the go with gifting, feels like it’s been over a year since it was “coming soon.
  11. Winston since this is off topic now. You should lock this.
  12. Just continue doing the same event. I love this event all free. I love free
  13. You suck
  14. Horse manure.