The Lorebook

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  1. The Lorebook

    Gather around you creative folk. Tell us a story about kaw.

     who's the most creative??

    What you have to do to add to the lorebook 

    Choose an epic battle ? then create lore based on the eb you've chosen.

    Past event ebs are also welcomed ~

    Hive eb, inferno/aqua hte, spragga .. Ya kno ?

    Lets begin folk
  2. Once upon a time, Kaw used to be free to play...

    Believe it or not..

    Oh and the sluards are coming to eat your babies, you've been warned.. There's a magic word that can stop them..

  3. Who's the most creative? Kaw_Creative is....
  4. Klatuu
  5. Once upon a time there was a fairy named chelsy.....
  6. Nick cage? Sluardianboy? Been a while since Iv heard of the horde of cage faced wanderers, lol fc days

  7. What? Who? What's going on? I was mentioned.
  8. No one likes you Kaw creative
  9. Just go.... Just go
  10. I love how Kaw_Creative always lurks in fourms until his name is mentioned xD
  11. I love how he never posts, IT SHOULD STAY LIKE THAT.
  12. Kaw creative mentally abused me, therefore I am out to get him -_-
  13. Jack's a little salty. :?
  15. Is KaW going to come back with a roast, or no :?
  16. Nah, but probably frantically looking for a gif or meme though.
  17. Lmao, we can only hope...
  18. Yes, but I imagine my hopes are much much different from yours.