the long loading screen of KaW

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  1. Has any dev ever addressed why it takes almost a minute to load a game that hasn’t had any significant update in years? Is it because its running on an older server the devs refuse to spend the money on to upgrade? Idk
  2. I agree. Takes forever. Also they handing those crystals out like free lollies as you mentioned in a previous thread.

    The end is near.
  3. Glad I’m not the only one, thought it was my phone/wifi 
  4. You’re adopted
  5. Probably just your device, takes a few seconds for me.
  6. Yeah mine just pops right up
  7. I have an iphone 7 thats not even a year old and whether im on wifi or lte it still takes ages
  8. My iOS logins take significantly longer than my android logins.
  9. I’ve noticed it too.

    I’m going with old servers and a game that has ballooned in size. The charms and furniture take up space...

    I’m not a tech guy though, just a cool sob with a silver tongue, what the hell do I know?
  10. Takes at least a minute for me and I have a new iphone. Sometimes I give up if I am in a hurry. Puts you off playing.
  11. Agreed, I thought it was due to my trusty olde dial up modem that i was using.
  12. I have the same prob, loggin in like 48years..on my ios, sometimes during war ,.. kaw is force kicking me out and hard to get on back in kaw, so im switching to my droid phone just to log in back sigh, its been a year and still not fix :/
  13. i heard they outsource their servers
  14. I’ve always had long loads
  15. I’m thinking it’s the game engine my iPhone 6 and 8 both show issues...
  16. I’ve got an iPhone and this is literally the reason I won’t log on all day sometimes. It will crash like 3 times and then take (I am NOT exaggerating) at least 5 minutes to load.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that. Fix it.
  17. People literally not able to load the game....and no dev response. Sigh.
  18. My iPhone takes a good while but my iPad takes forever!! Close too 5 minutes I'm sure!
  19. You heard wrong. The outsource server are way better and cheaper to maintain. KAW still have old server and added GAW server