The Labyrinth of Death

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Understandable that people want a different pet but there are so many other animals that could have been used. You have a very active purple set that is set in a been hive setting and you give us a brown chow dog ..

    If people want dogs maybe you should make a story that can incorporate a dog animal. Honestly this set looks rushed and poorly done with the dog ..

    Top 10 pet gets a nice butterfly and boxes give dogs
  2. Damn there are so many crybabies out here... Waaaah waaaah waaah.. Crying over free stuff... First world problems.. Got some pathetic folks out there.. Smh
  3. Lol kali...only a pet :)
  4. I believe what has been requested are NEW LANDS 
  5. Deva, why did you remove that token of the sky continent from market place?  We still get tokens to upgrade our banner. Why did you remove it?
  6. Memorial Day weekend.
  7. Yeah, I support the pup.
  9. @Winston You are going to make people’s trypophobia act up with walls like those. 
  10. The dog is SO misplaced it’s laughable 
  11. Forget new lands. Make better buildings on the lower lands (Abyss and below) at affordable prices
  12. 2500 actions for side quest?

    Gonna need a bigger boat
  13. Pls remove seerstones from rare list in royal boxes. Its kinda annoying.
  14. Why do we have to do 2500 actions to an EB? And why is the reward for this a lewd pink item that would get you silenced for typing it in WC???
  15. Just go solo do an eb with tons of item bars and you’ll get 2500 actions easily
  16. What an amazing set!! and a lame dog jeez where’s the bug!! 
  17. There's this event going 'round called the Labyrinth of Death. I think it's a load of baloney. Not because growth is silly, nothing like that.

    But because my Aunt Regina's backyard is a Labyrinth of Death.

    I think that's where my cousin got lost for a couple weeks.

    Billy's ok now.
  18. If Billy is okay now doesn't that mean your Aunt Regina's backyard is just a labyrinth not a labyrinth of death?
  19. 50000 for main legend in 2 weeks?

    This is getting stupid. 40000 was difficult enough while not spending and jumping clans. Now it's pretty much you better not play as a nonspender and if you got clan loyalty then screw you.

    There's much better ways to address charm farming without screwing over more of your player base. (Limit alts and crackdown on account sales, I mean half of the big accounts in WC are bought now, do something about it.)
  20. The rewards for the Spymaster Thanna side legend aren’t comparable to the requirements. I mean 100 silver bars for five xtals? Are you kidding?