The Keeper of the Gate

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. Please send a ticket in, that doesn't seem quite right?
  2. How do you trade these charms? I cant seme to find it int he trading options...
  3. Completed every legend and not one of them skipped a level. Is the next legend set going to have the same charms or will it change every time new legends are released?
  4. You can only trade tier 4-6 of the charm. So, large crystal and above.
  6. I don’t think it’ll be new every legend otherwise people who don’t get tier skips won’t have the high enough level to trade. I think they’ll change after the key to astral triumph goes out of the store.
  7. Both teams have finished the Team Challenges and there are still three days left in the event. Why aren’t the Team Challenges (the side event with team rewards) continuing through to the end of the event? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Wouldn’t that keep more people interested?
  8. Oh wait, I forgot, many finished the other side individual challenges (main and side) a while back really there’s no difference to the team and individual pre-mature endings, kinda unsatisfying and anti-climatic
  9. This 75 EBs thing is flipping ludicrous
  10. It's like when we had to do NML for one of those early events
  11. Anyone selling large thaumalite crystal
  12. Bohoo play the game
  13. A recurring theme from many is that events that promote clan loyalty would be much appreciated by the majority of clan owners and admins.

    75 EBs were a pain but I wanted the rewards so knuckled down.

    Unfortunately the 75 eb quest just encouraged people to hop for longer and so had the opposite effect on loyalty.

    It would be good to know what ideas / plans are being considered @ ata in regard of clans and promoting loyalty.
  14. Eh idk man I just chilled at the same 75 eb rotwb clan for a bit then went back to my homeclan lol. Players gotta be loyal themselves yo
  15. They're not going to do anything in regards to clan loyalty
  16. There obviously seems to be an offsetting of people that are on different teams for this event ("TeamGlaive" and "TeamBroadsword").
  17. At the time of writing this comment there is only a 2.3% difference between the teams. It's pretty damn close. I'm guessing you're on the losing team and it must therefore be "unfair"
  18. What is the charm capacity per stats is there a chart that details this? If not can someone make one? This would help A LOT.
  19. Are these crystal charm legend rewards be recurring?
  20. Next few events is the same thaumalite thing one then it's different
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