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  1. Say, what is the “key to Astral Triumph” available in marketplace for like 65 days?? What’s if it’s purpose?? Shld I just But it or what???

    And you said the below...which has Zero to do with the question I asked!????

    You're on TeamGlavies. Look up that account name on Battlelist or go through link in Legends then use either troops or spies to hit that account until you fail.[/quote][/quote]
  2. What are the stats of these new Charms?
  3. I have at least one each of the first four tiers in my showcase, if you'd like to see those stats at least.
  4. How is that possible ??? Mods should have a special treatment!!!
    I have asked 10 people in my clan, only one from 10 got a level skip to tier 3 .....
  5. How do you create a new system without doing the maths and when people ask about it, you don't answer, that's irrelevant!!!
    On this event we will get around 50 tier 1, let's say they will convert to 4 tier 2 items, how many events someone will need to get 8 tier3 items???
    I assure you that you created something that takes centuries to be complished.
    I guess you just created this system to reduce the rewards graphic creation,you probably sacked half the team (means 1 part time worker now)
  6. 14,400 Level 1's = 1 Level 6.

    ...Time to goto the forest and slay some piggies.
  7. 100% agree
  8. I got really lucky with skips. Got one skip to t3 on my first combine, and a skip to t4 on a later one. As of that last post, I also had all but the 75k individual legends finished up (including all the side legends), so had* several combines.
  9. This new event has made it impossible for people in small clans running tier one eb to start the side legends. In the past you had to earn 500 items to start side legends. then the devs made it to 3000, now to this event you have to donate 5000 to even start the side legends. BTW when you have to donate items its require you to even have to earn more items to just get to the 5000 mark, realistic thats earning 6000 items just to get 5000 donated items... The side legends are where you get the best building tokens to grow. now for those who choose to stay in small clans and run tier one eb, its impossible to even start the side legends. one could be in a top 50 clans running noth and goth, with the same number of actions be done with the side legends, where one in small clan with same number of actions running battle royaly and destoryer, only earning up to 3500 worth of item. that is how uneven the game play is now. Devs I gave you an F for balancing fair play for those who are in small clans compare to those who are in larger clans that can run goth and noth. you made it impossible for small clans to even take advandage of the building tokens to grow... in past events i was able to start side legends and able to complete 2 levels of hardest quest, now not even able to start it. very frustrating...
  10. The Slog Event has just become the Ever Endless Slog...complete 75 EBs for $$$ rewards...really, c’mon
  12. It's under the glaives vs broadswords legend lol
  13. Im happy to have amused you. Great job you're doing mod. Laughing at another players question. Useless reward. Besides that, yea those charms are more easy to accumulate if u pay or clan jump. ​ charms i guess. These events are become more and more useless for the average small turd.
  14. My first one skipped the lvl 3. I’m not a mod. Just saying I’ve actually seen quite a few people who’s jumped tiers that are not mods.
  15. Mine did too
  16. Got 8 usless shards no tier jumping here
  17. Need 12 for them to combine
  18. Can someone help to update this...
    Thaumalite fragment - 1 to all stats
    Thaumalite shard - 3,750,000 to all stats
    Thaumalite crystal - 40,000,000 to all stats
    Large thaumalite crystal - 325,000,000 to all stats
    Thaumalite cluster - 1,685,000,000 to all stats
    Prismatic thaumalite cluster - 5,200,000,000 to all stats
    Devs - how come when you rank by power, the thaumalite clusters are at the bottom?
    Are the stats actually reflective?
  19. Are the devs for real o.o

    Nerf charms and very same day release an event promoting charm farming.
  20. I have 15 tier 2 pieces they were supposed to convert at 10 but didn’t
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