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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. Did 2 NK, i should have 3.8k items. But I have only 1.9k. Can we just keep this crap simple? Hit teamglaive hit teambroadsword, is it required? My item collection should be independent and I can contribute my collection to my team whenever I am free. Why is it required to hit those statless after every EB? I have screenshot of item drops from 2 ebs. But only 1.9k is what I can see in my profile. Please fix this out.
  2. To get the choice side legend on 2 accounts, i had to put in 4 tickets over 2 accts. Only real response I got was when I walled Winston in game. This is me done with kaw. I wish everyone all the best in real life
  3. I'm going to question you here Winston. In my Showcase I have: Rewards, Chests; Charms and All. These only appear under "All".

    So what I understand is: Rewards have gone bye-bye as these are replacing them but they only appear under all.

    If they are a charm then shouldn't they appear in the charms view?
  5. Sorry, they are technically rewards, but charms and rewards are the same for system purposes
  6. So one of my T2 charms skipped to T3 and has stats of 40/40/40/40.
  7. What is Key to Astral’s Triumph for?? When should one get it? What does it Do???
  8. Opens a 7 day plunder spell reward if your team is able to get that far :)
  9. Please write a support ticket for this issue so they can look into it. You don't have to hit TeamGlaive or TeamBroadsword after every EB. You could technically hit all of it near the end of the event.
  10. Where are these shields? Is there a player profile required to participate? I do not find a player ( red/blue ) team and despite acquiring 15,000 items and more than the requisite eb attacks to donate to “my assigned” team.
  11. You are on blue team (blue shield in your showcase). Go to legend "glaives vs broadswords", hit the lb tab, and attack teambroadsword. It will not consume troops/spies.
  12. I do not find a Blue Shield in my show case...⚔️...
  13. Nor do I find a “Legends” portal, link or tab...
  14. Sort your "all" tab by most recent, it'll be there. Are you on pc? Because neither legends nor showcase exists on pc
  15. Which EBs drop the item Gwyn's Appeal ?
  16. All EBs can drop this item, but you need to have the quest as a prerequisite to start seeing the drops.
  17. Guys, they're trolling...
  18. What is this key to the astrals in the marketplace?
  19. :)
  20. Where can I find the stats of each tier for the new auto combining rewards?
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