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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. When the charms autocombine (ie you have 12 tier 1 charms), you'll have a percentage chance of going to either tier 2, tier 3, or tier 4.
  2. Stop crying and grow then.
  3. Ok, fair play. However, how did you honestly expect non paying players to accomplish anything?

    You constantly seen people selling premium items in wc for charms & turned a blind eye. I'm sure you are aware of the black market deals of players buying charms off each other & that was ok aswell?

    Seems to me,the things that are ok really have one common denominator.... Money.

    Punishing players for finding a free way to play, while players that spend massively are over all unhurt or effected at all. As mentioned in your other thread, stripping huge players does what exactly? Make them cash in part of the mountains of bars they have amassed & retaliate?

    Robbing free to play players, because they found a way to exploit the system. All while turning a blind eye to other methods because, they turn profit. End of the day Winston, it falls to this.

    Players that were farming NOT to cheat in wars, but to buy from other players suffer harshly. Players that already amassed a stock pile, will stop selling seals & focus on allies hurting players that can't afford seals.

    By punishing a system devised by players, for using underhanded tactics. Your effectively hurting everyone regardless of their reasoning.

    Player A. Buys their way into top 10. Pets nice & they want 2.5-3bl cs to sale. Originally, that's not a big thing for player B. Who wants the pet in question. No one in that equation really hurt anything. Player A. Took an in game item & sold to player B. for in game currency.

    Now, same situation except AFTER this change. Player B. will not have the method of procuring the required payment. Thus player A. finds it more difficult to sell. So now what? Player A. does one of 3 things.

    1. Hopefully, finds a legitimate buyer.
    2. Keeps it, regardless of wanting it or not.
    3. Goes to the black market & preforms shady deal to sell said item.

    IF they actually decide to continue to stay in new top 10 spots. Granted, I see how them bowing out can be beneficial. It also means less profit for Ata, less competive top 10 means less seals bought to maintain the spot. Overall, hurting everyone honestly.
  4. Nah.

    Heads up tho princess.... you can’t “win” this game. LB is for sale. Small builds are usually purposeful and tailored towards a specific style of play.
  5. Sorry batdog but this much needed charm update was to stop the rampant charm cheaters. I’m a free to play and I’m ecstatic about the changes made. Can devs do some adjusting to it? No doubt but as an initial rework it is fair to the vast majority of paying and non paying players. In fact I’m going to drop a bit of actual money just because of this update.
  6. What kind of chance are we talking here and is there any way to increase our chances of level slips?
  7. Have you seen the rebalance as well?

    Not every charm farmer tried to cheat the system by banking them for PvP. Those who used them to buy seals/circles/Furnishings ext. Got shafted massively.

    With the Ally system, unless your one of the players that have hoarded & massively over priced your allies. Charms are going to be effectively useless to stack. Compliments of the new cap in place directly effected by your Bfa.
  8. This may be true for some people but the abuses at the top of the charm cheating chain were too much for the average kingdom to bear. I have 3 alts and I have stolen about a third of their charms. I am nowhere near the charm cap as described in the revamp. The big cheaters literally have hundreds of billions on each stat in unstrippable charms? This is somehow fair? I think not.

    The game now is a p2w game and allies are a big part of it. I completely understand that stripping a top alb is almost impossible but at least there is theoretically a path to accomplish this no matter that it isn’t feasible for the average player but at least there is a mechanism.
  9. Setting a charms cap alone, would have solved the biggest problem. As it sits, charms are going to massively drop in value as allies always have been a lb/spending players game & realistically won't do much for anyone else any longer.

    A cap, would still leave room for everyone to be happy & stop huge farms from making one player near untouchable.
  10. Just throwing this out there but no one is safe now. Just like the old days “untouchable” is no longer a “thing”. For those that don’t remember or were not around harb ally #5 was “untouchable”...stripped clean.....charms were an unintended monster..
  11. hi winston you could least shuve the brush around in here left some streakers
    thanks for nothing . ass hat
  12. Can this game get anymore complicated!
  13. Cool event :D
  14. This makes no sense. How do I donate ? Guess this is one event I’m skipping. Playing less n less anyway.
  15. So how can we get charms that are upgradable?
  16. Dev when you release new event types, like this one can you make sure there are either mods or devs available 24/7 on all wc server to answer questions.
  17. Agree on being clan based.
  18. I fully disagree. Clans are incredibly imbalanced, so the top clans (especially premium clans) would easily win, plus it would be incredibly hard to try and create legend goals based on every clan in KaW. Some events might make sense as a clan event, but this is definitely not one of them.
  19. Complete the legends!
  20. I accidentally opted into the team based legend. This seems like a pvp oriented thing and I don't play enough to keep my stuff safe :( is there any way to opt out?
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