The Keeper of the Gate

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  1. The Keeper of the Gate

    "As promised, the Quell have shown you the way to the unclaimed portal, your means of returning home.

    However, a great dragon of crystal stands guard over it, and will not allow you to pass unless you can prove you are the one it has been waiting for!

    Will you be the one to pass the trial of the Thaumadrake Astral and lay claim to the Grand Hermetic Heavenarch?"

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well as three side-Legends that will unlock shortly after. Each side-Legend will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed. There is another legend series that is based on a team collection event. Players will be assigned to 1 of 2 teams. They will also be able to purchase a colour-changing spell in the alchemist to support their team.

    Team Event

    Players will be given a coloured shield (red or blue) when they start the legend. This will put them on either Gwyn's Glaives (Red) or Brannyn's Broadswords (Blue). When you collect the event items, you'll need to attack/spy on TeamGlaive (if you're red) or TeamBroadsword (if you're blue) to donate them! Please search for these players in the Battle List! :)

    New Charms System - Fusion Charms

    With the new charm changes listed here, we have come out with a fun new way that charms work. From this event going forward, legends that used to drop charms will now drop Fusion Charms. These charms will autocombine when you have enough of them, and give you a stronger charm. The charms can "crit upgrade" and skip tiers for massive stat gains. There are 6 tiers of charms in total now, with the last tier having massive stats (about 5.2B of each stat). As you can assume, it will be very challenging to get a tier 6 charm.

    Also, there will be a new fusion charm set after a set period of time, so if you don't get a max level charm before they switch, you'll have to trade with others to get one (or try again with the new set)! Below is a graph showing how many of each charm you will need to get ONE charm of the next level:

    Thaumalite Fragment | Thaumalite Shard | Thaumalite Crystal | Large Thaumalite Crystal | Thaumalite Cluster | Prismatic Thaumalite Cluster

    As previously mentioned, charms can skip tiers. This is incredibly powerful and can save players lots and lots of time! Charms can skip up to 3 tiers, so a tier 1 charm could skip all the way to tier 4, but not 5 or 6. However, a tier 3 charm could skip straight to tier 6. Note that skipping tiers is quite rare, and skipping multiple tiers is very rare.

    As for trading, these charms are only tradable at tier 4 and beyond. This was mainly put in place to stop people trying to farm charms, as it will take a long time for players to get to tradable tiers, and it will be easier for the support team to track down farms.

    TLDR Version: New charms, 6 tiers of them, get tier 1 from legends, combine to upgrade through tiers, you can skip tiers if you get lucky.

    PvP Weekend

    Just a heads up, there will be 3 PvP blitz weekends as this event is 3 weeks long instead of 2.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, February 20th until Wednesday, March 13th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Keeper of the Gate will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Thaumadrake Box and Royal Thaumadrake Box.

  2. That is one happy licky lizard boi :cool:
  3. I need these furnishings 
  4. Can we grow the lizards tongue with every upgrade?
  5. How do you donate ?
  6. No support. The team should be clan base.
  7. Are the new charms stackable?
  8. How do you get astral's favours to donate?
  9. yes
  10. Guessing these charms will be worthless for smaller players under the new charm cap plan.
  11. It feels like this is also a step backwards. You finally make something to half way balance charms. (It would be fully but you half assed it by allowing it to work on EB’s. Really..) The reason why it sucks when you allow EB’s to keep the benefit and not OSW or PvP IS BECAUSE YOU MADE THIS DAMN GAME INTO A PVE GAME AND IF YOU KEEP TAKING FROM PVP AND GIVING TO PVE IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.

    But screw it, this hasn’t been a war game in 4 years because the devs hate war.

    Anywas, nice half attempt at a fix just to break charms again by making this? Smh.
  12. This game is worthless for smaller players because most are free to play and this game can’t keep new players. (old players make new accounts, not no one new to the game would stick around. There is no reason to.

    Endless growth, only action you can do is tap an Epic Battle. The System War system is crap. The off system war stats and checks are horrible. It’s not a good game and there isn’t a reason to be new and stay.

    So they now make updates to rewards only the pay to play players and screw over the free to play players. Thus shrinking the player base update by update until only the eb players and event hogs are left.

    And by then the game will look like FC and GaW and will soon join them.
  13. Smaller players will generally complete fewer legends and get fewer charms so they should still benefit from the ones they get. A lot of the earlier lands (LL/HL/HF) are very cheap, especially with the trader's tokens, so players can get some stats from that quite easily.

  14. Everyones gung ho to stop charm farming, thing is no one ever asks why players do it.

    Top 10 prizes are solely available the the elite players that meet one of two criteria. A. Spend alot of Rl money & Time to stay in top spots or B. Players who consistently war.

    Neither option is something standard free to play players can accomplish. So, players found a way to exploit & buy top tier items off each other whilst others fought for top spots to either keep or sell top tier items for massive profit.

    This "Solution" is honestly half baked at best, rebalancing charms is great. However, stopping free to play players from getting anywhere only hurts the kawmunity as a whole.

    You may have stopped players from farming charms. WHICH is how it was intended to grow Charms in the first place. We were lead to believe, that converting eb charms & farming the ebs over & over again to get those miniscule charms to stack up.

    I understand how charm farming hurt the war system, however it did alot of good as well. Players stock piled nobs until Black Friday & bought surplus of premium items to sell other players. Granted this is a massive grey area of Kaw. However, without charm farming. Less sales would have been made thus less profit for ata pockets.

    For most, free boxes & charms provided something to look forward to. It allowed players to actually get somewhere for free. It was a great thing for those who couldn't afford to take out a second mortgage on their home just to get somewhere on this game.
  15. What about equipment? No equipment I’ll not do this event.
  16. There is still equipment. There are no changes to equipment.
  17. Free players can still gain charms, they can still upgrade buildings and buy allies, which will then increase their charm cap. Free boxes are still available. Charm farms were not an intended behaviour.
  18. Free players can still gain charms, they can still upgrade buildings and buy allies, which will then increase their charm cap. Free boxes are still available. Charm farms were not an intended behaviour.[/quote]

    True or False, the intended way to bank charms was to hit ebs/convert that equip to charms/repeat. That sounds terribly as charm farming to me. Only difference being, eb dropped equip is complete trash. You stated yourself in a prior forum post. Farming ebs was the intended way to bank charms. Realistically, only the pay to win players will get anywhere. While players that aren't dropping pay check after paycheck will stay considerably behind the pack.
  19. How do you skip charm tiers? There doesn’t seem to be any mechanism described in your post.
  20. I will say that we did not intend for players to make hundreds of alts that could get low tier event equipment and then transmute that into charms and then trade those to a main, or sell them to other players.

    Players hitting EBs and getting items by themselves without gaining charms from exploitive means should see very little impact on their pool of charms. The average player has large enough building stats that even with 0 allies their charms will be okay.
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