The KaW Timeline

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  1. I think you should've mentioned chaos you can't mention chaos reborn without mentioning chaos first it's like you skipped a whole lot in your kaw timeline story
  2. By the way Corinthians clan or group as you call it was named lighting hammers FYI
  3. Who do we find to update ? Hmmm
  4. For Oct 23 2010 your peeps to remember, xtreme wasn't with black hand at the time, his name was xtremekiller-the-deadly
  5. I'd start with, what was it, that war of Chaos vs 13 other clans waaaayyyy back in the day - I'd actually like to learn about it, it's the one major conflict in KaW history I know next to nothing about
  6. You go from Nov to Sep back to Nov... Something isn't right here...
  7. This needs to be updated
  8. This need to be updated
  9. Necro bump but a good necro bump.
  10. Oh how far the mighty have fallen
  11. Such is only natural course. The names might change but this games history is closer to a loop than a line.
  12. This KaW timeline is just a nostalgic response to the rise of EB's. The original post is severely lacking and it's obvious by how short it is.
  13. Bumping it up
  14. Missed the OG/Zaft war but nostalgic read
  15. Wow it’s crazy I come back after years of being gone and to relive some of the old days when the game first started! And seeing my clan I founded, Knights of the Knight, get showed for their presence in the war against hollow and company was great! Brings the nostalgia back🙂
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  16. KAW ended in 2013.
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  17. It’s true. I was there. Everything since has been a dream.
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  18. 2016 was pretty great tbh. Forums were so active and events were still fresh and there was a lot of time between them
  19. Veteran of the oh/zaft war. Man now that was kaw at it's best