The KaW Timeline

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  1. Mmmmm I love the smell of history in the morning :)
  2. I love this :')
  3. I can't count the number of times I've read and reread this. By far one of the absolute best threads ever made to my knowledge. I can't imagine the amount of time, dedication and work it took to make this, and it's one of the most important reads here. Just like in the real world, you should always know your history and learn the lessons from it. Thank you for putting this together sir, an I'll see your thread in a few weeks ;)
  4. This would be awesome if updated :)
  5. This would be awesome if it wasn't a stolen idea.
  6. Go AT go!!!! Read history :geek:
  7. Nice. Except the part that assassin actually didn't start assassins guild. Assassinapprentice started assassins guild.

    Assassin was co owner who recruited. And the guild didn't farm we where hired as mercenaries to take part in wars.

    Assassins guild was recruited by foxes in the 1st fox v IG war then IG in the 2nd war.


    I am assassinapprentice.
  8. so many more important names left out that made a huge impact on KAW like Kingdomofwolves being the first ally to have a value of 1m.

    TZ not mentioned anywhere despite how many hundreds of resets he did.

    I believe I was the first to do a HLBC reset.

    Hansel and the IG crew dropping and rebuilding builds to create the hansel build.

    So much more that's been missed
  9. Several great wars left out
  10. is it sad i remember all of this an was a part ofmost of it? or is it good i had no life except kaw from sept 13 '09- aug 30 '13 lol
  11. This game was made on 9/11
  12. Update: Zavoskiller became king of the kawmunity after all major clans bent the knee and swore loyalty whilst dazzled by his obvious greatness.
  13. Lol yes a lot of wars and stuff left out, I'm surprised Ajax escaped mention
  14. What happened to the forums...
  15. We all got Ebola and died
  16. I'm a player to remember 