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    Kaw time line

    First generation: the good ol' days

    September 11, 2009

    The Game first came out! These days were crazy. There were no mods, but the devs actively chatted and interacted with the players. There was a LOT of war. However there were no clans at the time therefore no war systems. People made forum clans that grouped together a bunch of people before real clans were constructed. There was only tier one and two and the top attack pot was rain of fire. The first official clan was white knights.

    November 2, 2009

    The first war is between foxes and Ig. Developers judged the war on the forums and divested it into two days, and Foxes won both days. Ig, however made it a Great War. This started a rivalry that still holds today(until now actually. Foxes is helping ig with the black hand vs last rights war) also, this allowed ig music in cc :lol:

    After this war, though, foxes was concerned what it's purpose was in the game. After a time of tension, 60% of foxes pulled away from the clan. The remaining members despised this, but as time went on players left until only gamehendge was left, the owner. After a time the most amazing person I know of now, reunited foxes and remained anonymous to the world. This person was modest beyond belief, and I knew s/he was a higher standard of character to anyone I know even in real life.

    September 29, 2009

    The beginning of the end. We start playing with fire when Corinthian starts his group of osf's. This will inderectly lead to pwars.

    November 2009

    The developers crown Corinthian as the first mod of kaw to enforce the tou.

    November 28, 2009

    Assassin created the assassins guild which farmed your enemies for cash! Great idea and great business!

    January 6, 2010

    Pc version of kaw is available 

    2009 fun fact

    emeth breaking the physics of kaw

    Emeth was 1# on the leader board with these stats:
    Attack: 400
    Defense: 200
    Spy attack: 150
    Spy defense: 150

    He dropped his build I guess and saved up for a crap ton of allies! Beat that spragga!


    People to remember gen one:

    Emeth (just for his awesomeness )

    There are SO much more, though.

    Second generation: wars, wars... And wars


    Ig foxes war:

    A Great War that lasted eight months took place this year! Back when foxes was a terrible feared clan, unlike today's ladies and gentlemen(not bias that was a quote from joe_). Ig was American in only one time zone, but foxes was half German (explains why their sister clan is called German foxes) so that was really something to fear because they were really the first international clan. At the start of the war stripping and farming cash from another was a breeze because back then you took 0.02 so if it took 1000 steals to clear you of x amount of money, it was changed during the war so that you now only took .002 and that 1000 turned to 100,000 This was a big hurtle because now it took 10x the amount of hits to clear them. Since foxes was an international clan, this lessened their activity advantage and equaled forces with IG. (I was told this happened during the zig war, however this is unconfirmed)


    New age/ gangsta
    Knights of the Knights
    Chaos Reborn
    Legion of hellfire


    Army Of Anubis
    The Outlawz

    The hollow, a clan made of ex IG, fought a vigorous war against new age legends! This war started when trueplayer hired an ally off of a hollow elite member, Wilsion. War broke out and was not kept quite. Forums were filled with trash talk and each side took huge loses. At this time system wars first came out and both sides decided to end the war like that. However, both sides received so much inc the war was no where towards fair. IG technically won, but since there was no forfeit button at the time they couldn't end the war. Then hollow stripped a nal player, trueplayer of two trillion gold which was a MASSIVE amount at the time, one of the biggest strips to date. They were able to do this because he was banned for a day due to a hacking conspiracy. how iG was told of the ban is a mystery as well. Some believe Benny leaked the info however that is solely a theory. This brought nal to their knees and ended the war. This started the talks of the zig alliance, out of respect zaft and IG had with each other after the war.



    This meant: whack first then talk

    Many leaders of zaft decided to quit, and thought to go out with a bang. They striped many clans and declared war on everyone and anyone. The first clan who rebelled was Camelot and a group of around 40 smaller clans. The war fizzled out, however, it was the start of the UWF war.

    The UWF/Zaft war started

    Ahdragos started a movement with a thread called "a line in the sand" so, you see, everyone wanted to fight zaft, but no one had the balls to until this thread was created. Basically, it stated that kaw should fight against zaft and IG, and started a massive rebellion, alliancing the two clans. This war was the biggest war in kaw, but really no one really won. IG was left with no active members, even if they don't want to admit it, and everyone suffered serious damages. It really reminds me of a kaw version of Vietnam. USA would be the huge powerhouses (IG and zaft) and the communism countries would be the rebellious clans in kaw. Through this war many great clans faded out and became extinct, and really damaged. I'd also like to mention how kotfe is not mentioned in this era. While huge osw's were happening kotfe laid back fighting lesser opponents. Was this smart? Maybe, because they might've gone down with many of the others.

    February 1 - March 30, 2010

    Tier three is introduced! Bigger hits, wars, and strips. This helps the community without totally demoralizing your chances at leader board.

    March 2010

    Kingdomofwolves hires allies off the leader board for what seems to be no apparent reason and didn't even farm the gold he left them out with. It caused an uproar in forums and was a very odd day :|

    June 4, 2010

    Majesty is 1# on the leader board

    September 4, 2010

    First anniversary wars are here!

    October 12 2010

    Distance makes the anti-guide! It's very funny read, and was made by an amazing player.

    the anti-guide


    The ninety nine days of farming! Swabia would pick a target and pin the person for 99 special days of the year.

    Late 2010

    Plunder wars (pwars) are introduced by the genius that figured out that an osf would get the tax back if the other side forfeited. This brings a new era to kaw, the end of war, for now.

    October 23, 2010

    Tier four was released! As stats got bigger some argued that this puts to great of a distance between new players and HLBC players.

    People to remember gen two:


    Generation three: pwar era


    These are some dark days of kawstory, everywhere you look you see a plunder war. Some people rebelled against them and tried destroying pwar clans, but it wasn't enough at all. Had possibly the resistance organized, they'd have been far more successful. To stop pwars the devs needed to compromise. However, this new wave of darkness brought lightness to the social aspect of kaw. People became great friends and cc's were booming with action! This brought both good and evil to kaw, and eventually gave way to what both sides wanted.

    January 11, 2011

    Oh... the mighty Swabia posts a thread of hilarious trickery that confuses all noobs. This was the castle code thread. Swabia said that if you copied a certain code off of his wall, you could upgrade your castle and get awesome stats. Today it sounds normal, but back then it was ridiculous! At the time I was a confused noob and remember scrolling through forums being conflicted within myself, a bit like being drunk.

    In the later days Swabia was banned for spreading false information. For the next couple months riots said:


    and anarchy took over for this period in kawstory.

    March 26-27, 2011

    iJaxon started the movement for support in Japan when the tsunami hit them. Players could donate one dollar to Japan and receive an achievement. This was a very moving and positive point from our history.

    March 10, 2011

    Highlands were released and allowed players to explore 25 new lands to build their empires!

    March 29, 2011

    kaw_admin dispute

    In this best of thread a player tells kaw admin to get the *** off. He is rewarded with a ban.

    naughty player

    June 9, 2011

    Epic battles are released to reduce the amount of pwars! This tactic is effective, yet fails to totally smash the pwar nation and try and make everyone happy. This also brings on the new mini age of the epic battle fairies! These players can't get enough of that pixie dust ;)

    August 2011

    Moose becomes mod after playing for only four months! A majestic achievement I must say.

    September 2011

    Second annual all-Star Wars! This one has a story other then the others though! Naz, a head dev helped one side and told who to hit to win. The thread with screen shots was deleted, but on the bright side, the godly devs actually care about us and take an interest, so in the bigger picture it may be better ;) after this traumatic episode the devs obviously stay the hell away from demestic affairs.

    September 22, 2011

    Castle codes finally become reality in this update! You can upgrade to a level two castle which gives you access to Mithril and the Mage! Mithril changes the game due to spells and soon it promotes wars when it's used As a currency to buy cool equipment through wars!

    October 15, 2011

    The first Osiris/yafi judgment war breaks out when the clan yafi and judgment combine to specifically war Osiris because of the beef with them. Who won this war was very controversial because Osiris admitted defeat, but for what reasons. Yafi was not as string as Osiris, however, their strategy was to target mid-class members and use what they had to give them hell. The top Osiris members were not as involved with their strategy. So in some regard, yafi won, but was osiris's cf more out of being bored? I will leave that opinion up to you. For more info on the first Osiris/ yafi judgment war:


    2012: the period of change

    The reason I call this era the period of change is due to updates that change kaw more back to a war game. Estoc trials are released and equipment only gained through wars.

    January 27, 2012

    Equipment is released! Current (full) equipment is about two million cs of invisible stats!

    March 2012

    Osiris breaks the cease fire agreement between themselves and ya__judgment__fi :eek:

    Yafi strips cells and redstar and then try to strip (who they thought to be) redstar's alt in AHH, but it was not an alt. AHH leaders called on Osiris to help in a war, and round two began!

    So at the beginning the war was going as it had in the first, however that was about to change. Yafi was leaded by cambji, who during the war was dtw literally 24/7! For three weeks this went on, and eventually the devs gave him a one day ban. Osiris and AHH wasted no time in stripping him of an estimated 20 tril! By far the biggest strip of the war.

    In the end about an estimated 80 tril was lost I both sides, without either one winning really. A huge war and one that will be remembered for ages to come took place during this time and ended finally in December 2012.

    For more info:

    osiris and ahh/yafi

    May 1, 2012

    A war starts between pure evil, new age, and noor against IG, -WiG-, and -WiT- due to farmfest. On August 16 the war just dropped to a standstill a month after yarmes went on a silencing spree of all if members before he quit. During the war IG bought accounts and strip banks from other players. The devs can't prove this, but it obviously happened.

    June 16, 2012

    First summer wars! The winner was last rights who fought a vigorous battle with zaft.

    July 31, 2012

    Swabia creates a clan known as Ad Mortem and declares war on kaw by beating the fairy out of all the noob clans! More info here:

    declaring war on kaw

    August 9, 2012

    Tier five is released, however, for some reason the devs must have been excited or half asleep because there was only an upgrade to level two! After many spamming of forums and wc, the devs finally released level three on August 27th.

    September 18, 2012

    Third annual all star war starts, the winner is harbingers of doom!

    November 28, 2012

    The first week of estoc trials is released! This brings a hopeful new age of war and prosperity. Since the release of the new buildings strips have been huge and adds a better aspect to the game.

    2013: what next?

    So far we are turning the clocks to 2013 with a good note! Two big osw's are booming and the community is coming together by tearing others apart!

    January 1, 2013

    What better way to start the new year other then a world kaw war! This started when last rights farmed a black hand strip bank and a war erupted. Several big clans joined and more information can be found here:

    Last rights vs black hand

    January 1, 2013

    A war between zaft against spartan elite and alliances broke out when a zaft member wore an "SE" tag. Spartan elite then farmed him just for the tag to which zaft retaliated. (IMO it's a stupid reason to start a war) the clan apocalypse then joined SE and made it a real fight.

    Loada then casually brushed over the war like it was nothing after weezus said it would be a huge war, insulting spartan elite. Winner: undetermined

    from loada to apocalypse

    Apocalypse vs zaft by weezus

    January 2013

    Iss_tigres resigns from moderating due to the new silencing rule that still allowed people who were silenced to chat in clan chat and some other aspects. This is a very moving point for the lose of a great mod.

    January 27, 2013

    Wulf, moose, donkey, and bellemorte resign as moderators, however only wulf remains a player. A new moderator, eagle, was apparently was the final straw for moose and this created a HUGE uproar in forums. In moose's thread he tested eagle with fake update information that was supposed to be kept secret. Within five minutes people Pm'd moose telling him what eagle did. You can only imagine how people reacted!

    moose's resignation

    wulf and Bell's regination

    February 5, 2013

    A new moderator position comes out, now as a forum mod. With this new position ex mod Moose, current mod drgnblade, and current mod delphin take this new position. All of the abilities from a regular mod are the same except they are able to now give players a 24 hour ban via forums, and they have an orange name in forums.


    The history is yours now! Kingdoms at war has evolved in many aspects, for better and worse, but in the end we all know this addictive game shows the prominent values of social and war parts. Through the thick and thins we hold tight and decide our own history. You can become the greatest war hero ever, or become the most hated spammer, but in the end we are all the same.


    So many people helped and I must repay my thanks:

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