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  1. Alright I’m gonna keep it short and sweet because forums is dead anyways.

    The numbers in this game, are, quite frankly, too large. The most expensive ally to hire currently costs almost 52 quadrillion gold. Yes, you read that right, Q U A D R I L L I O N. To put it into perspective, the valuation of the entirety of the New York Stock Exchange is around $30 trillion. Tell me, why is one single player costing more than 1000x more than the worlds largest stock exchange?


    While gold is certainly the worst offender, there are other numbers that are far too large. Charms? We have billions of them. Stats? Billions.

    The proposal: Squish all the numbers. Most likely, this should be done linearly so you keep the same scaling/progression that exists now. For example, I think both gold earned and the cost of everything in game should probably be divided by about 1,000,000. One quadrillion becomes a cool billion. Maybe charms and stats (e.g equip, buildings) we divide by 100 or 1000. Who knows.. you’re the developers, figure it out.

    This isn’t the first time something like this would be done in a game. For example, World of Warcraft has regular stat squishes with new expansions.

    A stat squish would:
    • Keep numbers more manageable, and quite frankly, make them more meaningful.
    • Reduce server load (I’m not a developer or know anything about games but I’m fairly certain other games undertake these squishes because smaller numbers are easier to process)
    • Be less intimidating to new players.
    • Fix numbers that don’t fit on screen (e.g looking at your own hire price).
    TL;DR: Decrease the numbers in the game. And for those of you with a sixth-grade level education, no, just because you’re “making less gold” doesn’t mean they made you less powerful.

    Terra out.
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  2. The fact that there's no replies on this a day later shows you how dead this game is. ATA should pull the plug already.
    The new forum layout discourages participation, Heck, there's no proper Actives Board anymore. Then again, that's how ATA is.
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  3. Support
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  4. If anything i want bigger numbers, i like the absurdity

    also, these new forums are annoying as heck
  5. CF granted. Enjoy your KaW.
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  6. Been saying that for years...
  7. I wish we could sell or trade in unused building crest plates. I have thousands just collecting dust.
  8. devs r too stoopid to ever do anything good
  9. Sell buildings and rebuild them with crest playes. You just officially sold them for gold lol
  10. Tbh I came back the other day and about had an aneurysm trying to figure out this new forum layout.

    I do however fully support the idea. Even though we stay the same build-wise, stat wise it would look just so much cleaner. Seeing people above 100m cs was even too much for some people when hoarfrost or whatever came out. I feel like seeing smaller numbers would make it feel a little nostalgic at this point too.

    Edit: not to mention whenever I reply to a post it just disappears off the face of the forums??? help me understand this devs someone anyone
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  11. When you open "New Posts," in VERY dark grey above where threads are listed (but below the text that says New Posts) is some text that says Recent Posts. Tap on that.
  12. Bump - this is why you can’t remove the xtal limit you monkeys
  13. Support. Numbers have ballooned out of proportion.